Feather Flags vs Vinyl Banners

Feather Flags vs Vinyl Banners. Which is better and why?

Feather banner flags and vinyl flags are very different when it comes to material, ink, and finishing. Custom printed vinyl banners are made of solid vinyl material. The thickness of the materials varies from 7 ounces and higher. At Feather Flag Nation, we use 13oz vinyl. It is great for the outdoor, fades very slowly, and has very dark colors. Vinyl banners are great for permanent and long term use. They are great if you want to put your business name, phone number, and other information that does not change. 

Vinyl banners seem like the choice to go but they lack one versatility that Feather Flags have. Outdoor advertising flags can be moved to different locations with ease, simply pull the ground spike out of dirt and mount it at another location. Additionally, the flags swoop in the wind with a slight breeze, creating motion, which in return attracts attention. Banner style flags also can be mounted at almost any location: lawns, patios, bridges, walls, sidewalks, indoors, outdoors, and many other locations. Unlike vinyl banners who only allow mounting with grommets or pole pockets, feather flags can be used at almost any location.

Feather Flag kits also allow easy mounting and un-mounting. The pole kits break down into smaller pieces so you can travel with them to different locations. They can fit into most car trunks. Banner style flags are also lightweight so they are easily installed. The complete kit with the ground spike mount only weighs about 9 pounds.

Since custom printed feather flags are printed on a polyester blend flag material, they will fade over time. The flags need to be replaced about once every 9 to 12 months due to excessive fading or other wear and tear from mother nature. Businesses change their promotions often, so replacement feather flags are typically ordered before the year’s use.

For short term and long term outdoor advertising, our stock or custom feather flags are the best option. Easy to assemble, flag prints are easy to replace, pole kits last several flag replacement cycles (assuming normal weather conditions), and they stand 15+ feet tall. Flutter flags cannot be missed, they stand tall and take up only 2.5 to 3 feet of horizontal space!


In conclusion, if you are looking to have eye-catching outdoor advertising and you are looking to display different promotions throughout the years, then custom or stock feather flags are the best options.

View Feather Flag Nation’s custom flag sizes by CLICKING HERE.

We take great pride in our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.


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