Feather Flags & How They Optimize Your Sporting Event

It’s nearing sporting season and people are getting excited! Whether you are a sports fan, a player, or a small business wanting to capitalize on this time of year, feather flags are a great way to join in on the fun. Here at Feather Flag Nation, we specialize in creating a variety of flags according to your needs. As a fan you might want to show-off your favorite team to your friends and family. Those who are on a team might want a flag to make their entrance onto the field even more entertaining. Or maybe you are a business owner wanting to make themselves known to the people attending local sporting events.

But no matter who you are, finding where and how to get quality custom flags may seem complicated. To help ease this process we’ve made this guide to show you the best FFN products for each situation, the pros and cons of each one, and how we help make the ordering process go as smoothly as possible.

Standard Flags

A standard flag is the classic rectangle shaped flag. They come in a variety of sizes, 2×3, 3×5, 4×6, and 5×8. As well as in 2 different materials, Economy and Premium. Here are the major differences between the 2:

Economy Flags

These flags are for more casual use. You might want this material if you want something to be used for a short period of time or infrequently.


  • Great for residential areas, for example being perched on house roofs or porches
  • Captures small details in a design very well
  • Affordable


  • Can only be made with grommets [what are grommets?]
  • Not recommended to be put on moving vehicles
  • Not recommended to be put on poles over 10ft long

Premium Flags

These flags are great for commercial or professional use. You might want this flag if you want something long lasting and usable in many situations.


  • Made with can extra liner in the middle, making it more durable
  • Can last over 6-12 months or more if kept out of harsh weather and regularly spot cleaned [what is spot cleaning?]
  • Can safely be flown on moving vehicles and on poles over 10 feet tall


This type of flag is useful in many situations. It’s light weight and simple shape makes them easy to carry and can be taken anywhere to show off your support. Whether you want it just for your home, or you want to take it on the road, this is great for any fan to have. If you are planning on ordering any of these flags and do not have any hardware, or if you’re not sure if you have the correct type, on our website you can order the hardware along with your flag so you will always have the tools needed to use your flag. We also provide tutorials on how to assemble and use the pole-kits. Another option for fans or for casual use is our Yard Signs and Garden Flags. You could simply put them in your front yard to let whole neighborhood know your favorite team.    


Feather Flags

Feather Flags are great for capturing someone’s attention. Their unique shape and tall stature make them eye-catching and space efficient. They’re made of our premium material, so they are both durable and long lasting. With an easily attachable ground spike or cross base they can be placed anywhere. They may be less transportable than a standard flag, but these can be purchased with a travel bag which makes transporting them much easier. Additionally, they come in a variety of sizes; 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft. Also, with the BOGO deal, you could get 2 single-sided feather flags with 1 of them being 50% off! Allowing you to spread the word of your team or business at a cheaper price.

Large crowds can be expected in these large events. As a business, you may want to not only be more noticeable through all the chaos, but also be seen as more professional. Which can massively increase traffic for a small business. Or you’re advertising for your team, and just want to make it clear who is playing and where. Feather flags are the best option for getting noticed by any passersby. Some of our other professional options include Vinyl Banners in Inflatable Tube-Men.

Vinyl Banners and Tube Men

Vinyl banners come in the widest variety of sizes, from as small as 2ftx2ft to as large as 10ftx10ft. Their vinyl material makes them durable and long lasting. Perfect for both indoor shopping centers and outside on the field.

Our tube-men are definitely the most fun option, their large size and dynamic movement make them noticeable from long distances and appealing to others. They go from 6ft, to 10ft, to 18ft. Also, they can be designed in many ways, for example you could request a design for a Tubman to look like it’s wearing your team’s uniform. Some downsides being their size making them hard to move around or even use if your short on space. Additionally, they are electrically powered and must always be plugged in, which can be a hassle for some. But it’s effectiveness in attention grabbing and the sheer novelty of it makes it well worth the investment.

Choosing a Design

Now that we have gone over all our different flag options, here are some different design ideas so you can best communicate to our design team. Keep in mind that if you do send is a graphic you would like us to use, make sure it is in vector format, this is .ai, .eps, or sometimes a .pdf. Or at least a high-resolution image. Standard Flags and Vinyl Banners have the most amount of space on them. These would be the best if you wanted to put a message or a large graphic. For feather flags and tube-men, simple design like the name of the team and their logo would work great. When it comes to colors, we can print almost all colors, but some may change in thee transition from digital to on print. This change is especially noticeable on different material. For the most consistent results we use CMYK color codes and Pantones. So if you would like a specific color, providing a CMYK code or a Pantone can help the process go much smoother. We’ve worked with many sports teams in the past, so we are experienced when it comes to sports advertising. The designs aren’t limited to just the team’s name, you could put a specific player’s name, a phrase or quote, anything that makes it personal to you. We charge based on a product’s size and your choice of hardware, not for the design itself. Meaning you can put in as many graphics, text, or colors you want. Just know that the more things that are on the flag, the smaller they must be to make everything fit.

Our team is always working hard to make the best flags for you and your needs. No matter the request, our graphic design team will work with you to find a look you are happy with. So, feel free to contact us with whatever design you have in mind and a designer will get back to you in no time. Just submit a free design request here on our website at and we can get started. So there’s no need to hold back! Purchase a feather flag today to support your team in a unique way with a high-quality feather flag.

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