Dimensions of Inflatable Tube Man Air Powered Dancer Guy

Dimensions of Inflatable Tube Man Air Powered Dancer Guy

Dimensions of the Inflatable Tube Man

Body Dimensions:

The body is approximately 18 feet tall. Body Diameter is 18 inches. This height works great for getting noticed from afar. Use it in on a sidewalk, entryway, side yard, or other locations that do not have power wires or other objects.

Air Blower Height:

The air blower is approximately 23” tall.  It needs to be powered by a regular outlet. Keep it away from water, debris, or other small objects that can get sucked into the air blower. Do not use the dancer on rainy days, as it can damage the motor. Blower fits 18” diameter air puppets.

Total Tube Dancer Height:

The total height of the dancer with the blower is about 20 feet. Be sure you have at least a 25+ foot clearance when using this inflatable tube man.

Common Uses for Air-Powered Dancers

  • Keeping birds away from your crops
  • Sidewalk advertising (Oil changes, auto tune-ups, inspections, etc)
  • Festivals – great next to different open areas. Perfect for events such as Coachella and EDC
  • Outdoor events such as cookoffs, vendor meets,  and other open locations with tents. Put one of these next to your tent to get eyes to your location. Pairs well with our custom feather flags.

Now that you know the dimensions of Inflatable Tube Man, it’s time you purchase one. Click the image below to see all of our in-stock inflatable tube menOr, click on the second image to submit a free design request and get a custom inflatable tube man!


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