How to Use Custom Flags to Increase Sales for Your Business

How to Use Custom Flags to Increase Sales for Your Business

Custom flags come in a variety of sizes, styles, and setups. Other than the standard rectangle-shaped pole flags, there are a variety of other custom flag shapes that you can use at your business, trade-show, or event.

With over a decade of experience with custom flags under our belts, Feather Flag Nation knows which styles work best for you. Let us guide you in purchasing the correct outdoor signs.

Feather Flags - Most efficient style of flag banners to increase sales

Feather flags are sold the most from any of our other styles. This is simply because they take up very little horizontal space, and stand tall to easily great impressions to increase foot traffic and sales.

How does a feather flag increase sales?

This is simple. A feather flag increases sales because it stands tall, isn’t overpowering like large format vinyl banners, and easily adds visually to your business or location. We have over 700 stock feather flag designs for you to choose from. Messages vary from open and sale to seafood and open house. These low-cost outdoor signs are affordable by all businesses, making them the number 1 choice for outdoor advertising.

Now, let’s move on to have these help you increase sales. I’ll provide you with an example to make this easier to understand. Imagine you are driving around looking to buy a new sofa for your living room. You see a business on the left which has no signs, nothing happening in the front, and then you see a business to the right with the flags below in front of it.

Which location are you more likely to go to?  The ones with the flags of course. With just the text “Sale” it gives incentive for a customer to give you a chance. It intrigues them. They want to know what sales you to offer.

These outdoor flag banners will almost always bring more customers to your door. This will give you the opportunity to sell them your products first. So be sure they are priced competitively.

Other Custom Flags to Increase Sales

Other styles of custom flags can be used indoors and outdoors to create elegant decor to make your business look busy and alive. New and used auto dealerships love to decorate their car lot and interior with our auto dealer supplies and signs.

How to use my custom flags indoors?

A great way to use custom flags as the decor is to have them drape inside your business. Print some custom flag banners with your company’s logos and slogans.

Drape them throughout your warehouse to make the interior or your business look alive. It has been proven that a boring business location discourages customers from spending a lot of time browsing. Create an appealing interior to keep the average person busy.

Using custom flags outdoors

You can also use custom flags outdoors. The majority of our flags allow you to get them with either sleeves or grommets, which allow them to easily mount on flag poles. Our custom flag pole kits come with mounting hardware, allowing easy install at various locations.

Using our feather flags, rectangle flags, and stock 3×5 flags outdoors allows you to create a lively image for anyone passing by your location. Again, when a person sees a business with a lot of good outdoor decorations, they assume the business is alive with a lot of activity. This will get them to your door. Another easy way to use stock and custom flags to increase sales.


Custom flags are great for branding, indoor and outdoor decor, and also for other personal uses. Using low-cost stock feather flags allow you to easily advertise sales at your location. Custom feather flags and flag banners allow you to brand your business, create unique indoor and outdoor decors, and display any sales that are in progress. Not only do these outdoor signs make your business come to life, but it also helps increase sales in the process.

Remember to use custom flags to increase sales. We offer low-cost cheap signs and flags that help small businesses succeed.

We take great pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.


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