Finished Dunkin' Donuts Design on Custom Flag Design Tool

Build A Sign 101: Custom Flags Design Tool Guide

Build A Sign 101:   Custom Flags Design Tool Guide

When purchasing your custom flags, you can easily do a layout on our design tool.   I’ll go over a tutorial of a simple layout for a Dunkin Donuts “Now Open 3×5 flag”.

Custom Flag Design Tool  Lets go over the design tool first.   Below you will an image that shows the tool at the 3×5 flag product page.  This tool will be available for various signs on our website.  I’ve numbered the different buttons to explain what they will do.

Custom Flags Design Tool
Custom Flags Design Tool

1 This will do your most recent change to the design.   You can hit it a few times to backtrack a few changes.   It is essentially that same as CTRL + Z on a PC.

2 If you undid a change and changed your mind, you can use this button to go back to how the design was before you hit number 1

Clicking this button will bring up a preview of your current design.   This button is usually unnecessary since your whole design is already visible in the design space.

This will simply zoom into the artboard.

Do not click this button unless you want to start from the beginning.   It will reset your design tool, undoing everything you’ve done.

It will pull up the measurements on the design tool.

ADD IMAGE and ADD TEXT will do as they say.   When uploading an image, be sure to use a high-quality file.   A vector SVG file will work the best since it will not blur when resized.

CHOOSE FROM DESIGNS allows you to choose from an existing design template.   We are currently working on a new design tool that will have templates for you to choose from.

MANAGE LAYERS – this button will allow you to move layers around.   This is helpful if you want to change the order of graphics.   As an example, if you want to add text onto some logo file, you can use the manage layers button to reorder the text to be on top of the logo you uploaded.

Dunkin Donuts Custom Flag Design Tool Tutorial

I’ll go over a basic design layout for a Dunkin Donuts flag.   Well set the background color, upload a logo, and then add text to the 3×5 flag.

Background color  First we need to choose the hot pink background color of the Dunkin Donuts flag.   You can do this by clicking on the template, which is the red box for this product.   Once you click on it, a small box will pop up under the template.   Click on that to go to the color selection window.   From there, you will need to choose your color.  I’ve used hot pink #f4009f, you can choose any color that you like.   White or orange will also work.

Custom Flag Design Tool - Choose Background Color
Custom Flag Design Tool – Picking your background color.


Adding the Dunkin Donuts Logo this can be a bit tricky since getting the right format can sometimes be hard due to file format restrictions on most design tools.   You will need to locate a good SVG file that you can upload to our custom flags design tool.   SVG files work best because they have no background color, and they are typically vectorized, so we can scale to larger dimensions without destroying the image quality.

Once you’ve found your vector SVG file, click on the “ADD IMAGE”  button and then drag and drop the file into the area shown below.   You can also browse and select it from your hard-drive.

Adding Your Logo to the Custom Flags Design Tool
Adding Your Logo to the Custom Flags Design Tool

Adjusting the Logo to Fit Your Custom Flag  Next you will need to adjust the logo to fill up the flag.    You can do this by clicking the logo that you just uploaded.   Options will pop up around the image. The top right is to rotate, bottom right is to adjust the size, bottom left button will delete the file, and the top left will allow you to arrange the layer order of this graphic.

When resizing the logo, make sure you do not go too close to the edge.   You will need to leave some bleed space around to prevent the logo from being clipped.

Adjusting Graphics on Custom Flag Design Tool
Adjusting Graphics on Custom Flag Design Tool

Adding text Letters can be added by hitting clicking the ADD TEXT button on the top of the custom flags design tool.   Once the text is added, you can click on the text to change the font style and size.  The same small icons appear around the text to make adjustments.   You can select the color and layer order as you would like.   In this case, the layout is simple and just required white text that takes up the majority of the remaining design space under the Dunkin Donuts logo.

Adding Text to Signs Design Tool
Adding Text to Signs Design Tool


Finished Custom Flag 3×5 Design the finished design is displayed below.  I slightly adjusted the logo and text size.   Notice how there is empty space around the outside perimeter of the design.   This is how you would want all of your layouts to be done.   Anything too close to the edge of the design can get clipped from hemming.

During checkout, you can select how you want your 3×5 custom flag finished.  The most common is with two grommets on the left side.  This will allow you to hang the flag on a flag pole.  You can also get just a hemmed finish, grommets on all 4 corners, or with pole pockets.  Choose whichever will work best for your use.

Finished Dunkin' Donuts Design on Custom Flag Design Tool
Finished Dunkin’ Donuts Design on Feather Flag Nation’s Custom Flag Design Tool

The tutorial for this custom flag design tool was for a design that was overly simple.   You can create more complex flag designs by using all the functionalities of the tool.   Mess around with the different options and try out some designs for fun.   Once you are comfortable using the tool, you can design your order.   If you don’t have the time to do the layout, request a design proof for free.   Hit the design request button at the top of the page.

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