Does your business have everything it needs, yet you feel as if you are missing something? Well you have come to the right place! Custom feather flags are a fantastic investment for any business regardless of how big or small. We carry multiple sizes and colors of feather flags that can be placed just about anywhere! Custom feather flags are a great attribution to any business. Custom flags help business’ by providing a high level of visibility to potential customer from a few miles away. Feather flags are built to bring attention and bring them into your establishment.


Feather Flags Attract New Customers
Income tax service businesses understand the important of advertising feather flags.

Outdoor banners flags are a great asset because they will help your business stand out from other companies. Custom made feather flags will convey a unique personality and tell potential customers what to expect from your business, as well as the products or services you offer. Effortless attention-grabbing will not only help your business stand out from the competitors, but it will also make your business easier to find and to remember.


Feather Flags Attract New Customers
Feather banner flags allow for easy display of text.

It all starts with the choice of color; the choice of color plays a huge part in a well-made feather flag only because color can help convey a brand’s distinctiveness. A custom flag’s contrast will typically determine the legibility. Aside from color, the size of your feather flag is important too! Text should be large enough to be easily read from a distance, which basically means no paragraphs!  You are advertising a sale, not reading a book to your customers.  People typically only have a few seconds to read your banner flag, so make those seconds count with easy to read text.

Another important key is the choice in typefaces. While you may want a fluttery script to convey a style, it can be difficult for people to understand or read it from a distance.  Bold and easy to read fonts, such as Arial Black, Balloon, Myriad Bold, and etc are always recommended.

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