Cheap Feather Flag Prices High Quality Material

Cheap Feather Flag Prices High Quality Material

Cheap Custom Feather Flags

Feather Flag Nation‘s newest offering is Express Custom Flags. Designed for short term use, this is ideal for customers looking for cheap feather flag prices. What are express custom flags? These flags are designed for short term use. The flags last up to about 6 months if used outdoors (compare that with our standard custom flags which last up to a year). The express custom flags are best used as special event flags such as during grand openings, fairs, conferences, conventions, trade shows, or to announce events/shops coming soon. If you have a seasonal event or monthly promotion to advertise, express custom flags are for you!

We have decided to offer these types of feather flags in order for small businesses and small organizations like churches and schools to have a great deal on their own custom feather flags without breaking their budget. No need to spend more than necessary with our express flags offering!

Custom Feather Flag Sizing

We offer seven different sizes for our custom feather flags. We have a 5ft flag/6ft kit, 6ft flag/8ft kit, 8ft flag/10ft kit, 10ft flag/12ft kit, 12ft flag/15ft kit (our most popular size!), 14ft flag/16ft kitand a 15ft flag/17ft kit.

Custom flags are ideal for businesses and organizations wanting to really distinguish the brand of their business or event. Businesses that sell particularly niche products might also choose custom flags because stock flags tend to highlight more generic items. Our custom flags are offered as single-sided (reverse back) or double-sided prints. The kit includes a pole kit and ground spike. 

Design your own custom flag using our template. Our template can be downloaded on the custom flags section of the site. The team at Feather Flag Nation is also qualified to help design a custom flag for you! Choose loud and bright colors and text. Advertising custom flags would be a great way to pick up new customers or attract the audience for your shop or organization! Boost sales today!

We take pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house at our Riverside, CA location.


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