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Build Your Brand Using Custom Feather Flags

Custom Feather Flags are Great Advertising at an Affordable Cost!

In this day and age, if you’re not using the exponential power of custom Feather Flags to advertise your business, you’re missing one of the biggest opportunities to market your business. Feather flags are affordable, cost-effective, and serve as a simple means to increase your walk-in traffic and build brand awareness.

Today, as a business owner you only have two options: market your business through digital means, or use the tried and true traditional marketing methods which include: Signage Sign Spinners, Promotional Items, Direct Mail, and Flyers.

If your business relies on foot traffic, potentially at a retail location, it often becomes tough to generate enough attention on a consistent basis. The best way to stand out among all other businesses is to create custom feather flags.

Effective signage outside your location is a great start and/or addition to extremely large electric signage. Using vinyl banners is a great idea but isn’t the most effective way to market your business. People often view Vinyl Banners as cheap, therefore, you don’t want to people associate cheap with your business.

If you want long term success in business, building your brand ranks at the top of your to-do list. Although you may not be able to spend hundreds of millions of dollars like the large multinational organizations, custom feather flags can still serve the same purpose to the overall general success of your business.

Building your brand awareness goes far beyond bringing customers in, overall it creates public awareness of your company to the general public. Over time this awareness becomes sketched in the minds of people; which always will associate your name with said niche or market. That’s branding!

Instead of purchasing the standard feather flags with generic slogans like sale, come inside, or now open, it’s best to go with something that is customized to your brand logo, colors, website, or contact number.

Although stock flags may work, they do little to brand your business for success. From my experience, it’s always best to keep your customize feather flags simple. Therefore, choose the most important elements to represent your brand, and be sure to include a Call to Action to entice your potential customer to do something.

Before we close, one of the biggest benefits of using a custom feather flag is the cost. The most popular size would be a 15ft kit which allows the most bang for your buck. This flag size will cost around $128 for single-sided and $198 for double-sided.

Our in-stock flags are all single-sided, meaning the design is reversed and lighter on the backside. Custom flags can be made double-sided, allowing for your message to be read correctly on both the front and back of the flag.

So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level and start building your brand, invest in custom feather flags. Digital Marketing would be second on the hit list of most important to-dos but for a couple of hundred bucks, you’re able to brand your business, attract attention, and separate yourself from the competition.

While building a brand isn’t something that you could do overnight, you can help your potential customers with a sound strategy and tools that your competition is overlooking. Custom feather flags are still a great way to promote your business without breaking the bank.

To get your custom order started today visit our website or submit a design request and we’ll design something for free.

Feather flags are the wave of the future! This marketing material can be brought at a low price and displayed for up to a year plus. 
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