Auto Repair Feather Flags For Sale at Low Price!

Auto Repair Feather Flags

Advertise your auto repair shop to the widest audience possible with a feather flag! Feather Flag Nation is here to help market your business! We have a large selection of auto repair feather flags. With our flags, you can let people driving or walking by know that your business is there to serve their auto repair needs!

Don’t waste valuable time and money on cheap and ugly signs. Feather flags are elegantly waving in the wind and are durable for indoor and outdoor display*. Advertising flags or swooper flags, like ours, are known to be capable of increasing foot traffic to any store or business. Why not yours?

Let auto repair feather flags be a part of your front of a store display, or let the flags lead the way to your business. The majority of our stock or pre-printed feather flags are 12ft tall and 2.5ft wide.

You can buy your flags with our pole and ground spike (now offered as a kit for $49) to make overall height a whopping 15 feet! These signs are large! The colors and size help to make them easily visible, great for your business!

*It is recommended to take in feather flags in winds over 20mph. Wear and tear are inevitable, but proper maintenance and care can lengthen the life of your flags.

The flags are printed on polymesh material and screen printed. Along with Auto Repair flags, Feather Flag Nation carries many other categories suitable for other businesses, stores, and organizations. Take a look at our collection of 3×5 flags as well!


Custom Feather Flag Design Request
custom feather flags with hardware

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