Ultimate Guide for Using Custom Advertising Flags to Improve Business Visibility

Ultimate Guide for Using Custom Advertising Flags to Improve Business Visibility

There are many strategies and marketing tactics to get people’s attention toward your business.  Many prefer to use commercials or even online advertisements.  By using bright colors and loud images, these are the most common ways to advertise. However, what happens when people turn off their emails and televisions?  People go off and go about their day, focusing on their everyday errands. Maybe your commercial gets stuck in their head but even that fades off. Here at Feather Flag Nation, we believe flags are a great addition to your advertising team!  Not only are they reliable but they are easy and a quick way to target an audience and remind them about your business. Flags are a sure way to reach the everyday busy bodies that are out zooming around in your area, especially since our flags can be fully customized to your needs. Even bold and flashy like every other marketing tool out there.  Flags are even known to increase foot traffic, even in the most hidden locations. Our flags are meant to get you noticed no matter where you are.  Feather Flag Nation believes increasing business visibility is important and we stand behind our flags as a great way to get you distinguished from other businesses. In fact here is the ultimate guide for using custom advertising flags to improve your business visibility!


Get noticed!

A successful business has a target audience. When using a custom flag, your target audiences are everyday busy people. These are the people who are out and about in the town getting errands done or simply traveling to other places. Sometimes it’s not easy getting their attention but it can be done. Getting people to notice you is easy with our custom flags anytime of the day. In fact, any time is time to get you noticed! In fact, it’s known that drivers typically only have a 5 to 10 second window to see advertisements such as billboards. The same logic could be applied to a custom flag. It’s crucial to take advantage of the small window to get those people to consider your business.  Using a custom flag is far cheaper than a big old billboard.  A flag is a more diverse tool that can go about anywhere you can place them. Especially since we carry for both in ground and on cement bases! Plus, a custom Feather Flag Nation piece is a onetime investment that you can trust and no monthly fees like a billboard or anything online. 

Get noticed

Advertising Must Do's

The first step is to get a better understanding of what you need for your business is a plan. Brainstorm a strategy to get your business out there. First step can be started with a simple goal. Ask yourself, what am I trying to let people know?  Are you trying to attract more customers, or are you trying to get a sale going? These are clear and precise questions you need to answer in order to keep your advertising consistent and successful. You might also want to step into your ideal customers shoes. See how you are as a customer. How do you respond to your competitors methods of business advertisement? Consider adopting some theirs and making it your own. It’s also crucial thing to remember what works for some might not work for others.


The following step would be to figure out the budget for this project. Many consider this an important part of planning. Having a good idea of what you want to spend is very helpful. Especially when Feather Flag Nation has a wide range of prices and options! The bigger the budget, the more you can advertise your business with greater success!

check list

Step three is the fun part in our opinion; developing a message! This is the time to consider everything you want the world to know.  Remember to keep it clear, easy to follow. You need to take advantage of the five to ten second window you get with passing drivers, especially if you want to get your business noticed by as many people as possible. You might also want to use language that will help sell your services and products. Think about your target audience and how they would want to be reached. Think of yourself as a one of your customers and ask yourself what would get your attention.  We might consider this the fun part but don’t forget this might also be the most important step.  A good message is a big part of a successful advertisement. An effective advertisement will not only bring new people in but also keep them coming back! If it helps, drive around and check out what other business are doing to get attention. See what helps or what you would like to see in a business advertisement!  

Once you have the message worked out, look through our website and figure out what would work best for you. We have many products that would work; you just need to find the right one for you. We carry tube men, feather flags, standard flags and much more. If the budget does not allow a fully customized item, consider in stock items.  Many are ready to ship at the click of your mouse! 


After figuring that out, you can now start working with designer through Feather Flag Nation! Our design services are free of charge and we will work with you until you are happy. The next step would be considering where you want to place your flags! Location is everything and flags are a great way to take advantage of that!  Many take advantage of visible locations like road sides, sidewalks and so on. You just need a place where your flag can work for you!  

custom flag from Feather Flag Nation

Positioning and Visibility

We understand there are different needs when it comes to advertisement. Especially with hardware, with our variety of mounting hardware options, you’ll be able to place your custom advertising flags where ever you need them to go!   For instance use the ground spike for soft surface areas such as grass and dirt. If that does not work for you, we also have a cross base for concrete or any other flat surfaces, in which are great for indoor and outdoor use too! Did I mention we also multiple different mounts like car wheel bases to name a few.  Our goal at Feather Flag Nation is to provide you with all the advertising materials you could ever need and that includes being able to place your flag virtually where ever you can! After all this is an investment in yourself and your business, why not ensure you reach the maximum amount of people possible, and the only way to achieve that is by having versatility in your mounting options in the most high traffic areas! 


Finally, make your purchase.  If this is your first time advertising with flags of any kind, it would be wise to buy and try before making any larger purchases. This will allow you to see if the plan worked out as it should. If it doesn’t, no worries, you could always try a different product. We keep designs on file, so reordering is a breeze! Finding what works for you is part of owning a business. It takes trial and error but when you find that perfect advertising product, your business will flourish!  

Following the tips above will ensure your advertising journey will be organized and stress free.  Even if you are not ready to purchase a fully customizable flag, we do have a variety of stock items ready and waiting to be purchased. It’s all up to you and your needs. Just remember we know your business might require further customization, after all every business is unique as its ambitious owners. Feather Flag Nation has a team of designers ready to take on your request for any flags customization you might want. We will work with you to the very end, until you are happy with your final design.  In fact, many owners prefer our customized flags because of the quick and easy process.  It’s something customers enjoy purely because they can be as involved as they want. We can even take creative control is you need us too. At the end of the day, our flags are here to serve you.  Order your custom flags today! 

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