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Semi-Custom and Pre-Designed Flags

If you are a new customer or you simply have questions regarding some of our items. Look no further than our blogs! This one in particular explains how our pre-designed and semi-custom work. They’re not the same as full custom items nor are they part of our stock.  Really they are all on their own.  Although, both options require 3 business days for production, they both have slight differences. 


Pre-designed can only be described as files that don’t get purchased as often as our stock. To preserve physical storage, these files are kept on hand so when you are ready for purchase, our team can place your item into print for you. Although a pre designed item skips the entire design process, pre-designed items 1-4 still require about 3 business days for production. Any more will be determined by our team.  


When looking into these, you’ll know they are pre-designed by a couple factors. For one, the identification number should have a “PD” somewhere on there.  There, you can also find a small description letting you know that is a pre-designed item and it needs 3 business days for production.  This option also allows you select how you want your flags; Single or double sided, sleeve color and even different bases.


Semi-custom flags also follow the same specification as pre-designed flags. Semi-customs are considered to be slight modifications to stock items.  Say you like our welcome stock flag but you want it to have your logo on there. With a Semi- custom item, you can do that.  You can even change a color or two but be careful. A change too many and our team might consider your semi- custom and full custom item. It’s really up to your designer to let you know. There have been some times that we do not have access to the original art files. Then your designer can recreate the stock flag for you and make the modifications for you.


Like pre-designed flags, our semi-custom flags can only come in one size, 12ft flag-15ft kit. Since this is the most popular size our customers prefer, so all our stock, semi-custom, and pre-design are the same size. With semi-custom flags also come with the option to purchase as single sided or double sided. 

Although they are very similar to each other, one thing does separate them from each other. Our pre-designed files are prepped for printing. Therefore, you don’t have to go through the design or final approval phase like our custom and semi- custom have to. We just place in to print for you. No questions asked, simply because these file are fully completed and saved. Our Semi –custom flags will require you to go through a partial design process, especially if you have a few changes to be made. Visit Feather Flag Nation for more information! 

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