New Customers and FFN!

Welcome to Feather Flag Nation!  We are a minority owned company with a big heart.  We welcome all new customers with open arms and open minds.  When shopping with us for the first time, it is useful to know how we operate.  We feel like knowing who you’re doing business with is very important, so let us introduce ourselves.   As mentioned above, we are a California based company.  We create and print in house.  We also carry a large selection of both custom items and stock items. You can browse our website for all of our select! Just search with in our search bar online!  

Stock items:

Stock items are quick and easy! Go on to our website and search with in our search bar of something you might want.  All our stock flags are $14.99 for the flag only.  If you need to add hardware, you can do so on the images website.  But we do recommend you check out our $49 special, where you can place the SKU you need, along with the quantity you need next to it. Make sure to add to the cart the same amount of items you have in the box. See the image below.

49 dollar special- New customers

All our stock feather flags are the most popular size, a 12ft flag that corresponds with 15ft kits.  These are all left sided prints, printed only on one side. These single sided flags are slightly see through on the back and inverted. You can purchase these flags with or without our hardware. Of course we carry a few other stock items; you just have to see what we got available.  We even got some pre-designed items,  but you can check on next week’s blog for more information!

Custom items:

Our custom items are by far our favorite things we have. Custom items like feather flags, yard signs, vinyl banners and other items are all made in house.  So if you are from the Riverside area in sunny California, you might be about to do a local pick up once your items are done with production! 

Custom items aren’t as complicated as they sound. We have a full team of graphic designers ready to lend you a hand. Did you need a full recreation of your logo?  Or maybe you have no idea what you want, whatever it might be you need, our team is waiting for you to reach out. Even if you have a special project in mind, we might be able to help you!

Other information:

We know sometimes before purchasing anything, it’s nice to know where your products are coming from. In fact, the western half of the US is serviced by our California team. While, the eastern side of the US is serviced by our wonderful Georgia team.  Our Georgia location just services stock and hardware orders, so if you have any custom items, know they will be shipped from our California location.  California is our one location where we print in house. Our designers also work from that area!  There you can reach a dedicated team of graphic designers who are willing to help you with any custom items. Another good note to keep in mind, neither of our locations has a store front for customers to come inside, unfortunately. But if you are in our area, you can always do local pick up on stock and custom items after production time if you are in the Riverside, CA area!  Feather Flag Nation is here for you, whether you are a new or returning customer, we are more than happy to help you. 

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