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Custom Rectangle Banner Flags

Design your own rectangle banner flag, or boomer flag, today! These rectangle banner flag templates are specially created for Feather Flag Nation customers to use. Design your single or double-sided boomer flag!

The templates are provided for our 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, and 15ft kits (with flag height measuring 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft respectively and flag width at 3ft). The files are in Adobe Illustrator format but can be opened with other vector software as well. Don’t forget to design in CMYK color mode!

In this blog, we’ve featured several tips for creating customized flags. Check out our blog and be sure to brush up on color and font selections and the vector file types as you create your flag.

8ft Custom Rectangle Flag Template (6ft Flag)

A 6ft boomer flag may be used outdoors, but they are perfect for indoor advertising use too. This size flag can commonly be found at trade shows, conferences, and conventions.

This is a good size flag that won’t take up a lot of space. No need for this to be strictly for professional use either! Considering using feather flags at your next party!

10ft Custom Rectangle Flag Template (8ft Flag)

This template is for 10ft boomer banner kit which uses an 8ft flag. Like the 6ft flag, this flag is ideal for indoor use where ceiling/roof height may be restricted. Design your 8ft rectangle flag for your next trade show or other events!

12ft Custom Rectangle Flag Template (10ft Flag)

This is a 10ft flag and is part of the 12ft rectangle flag kit. This a great size for outdoor use, while indoor use may be a little tricky depending on the location. Great to use for fundraising events or sports games.

15ft Custom Rectangle Flag Template (12ft Flag)

This template is for the 15ft rectangle banner flag kit, which uses a 12ft flag. This is the same size as our stock boomer flags, so if you’re looking to mix and match custom and stock rectangle banners, this is the template for you! This size is great to place outdoors where the flag is sure to attract a lot of attention from passersby/potential customers driving past in cars or on foot.

What are you waiting for? Use one of our custom rectangle banner flag templates to create your flags today!

If you have trouble designing your flag or don’t have the design software, don’t hesitate to contact the talented design team at Feather Flag Nation! We don’t charge for creating proofs and we are here to create flags that you can be proud and satisfied with. Contact us at or give us a call today!


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