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Tax Feather Flags 101 Complete Guide

Low-Cost Tax Feather Flags

You’ve probably heard the saying of only two things be guaranteed in life: death and taxes. Taxes are required by law for everyone to pay annually. That’s a big market! One of the biggest industries in the world! Big franchises and hundreds of small tax service businesses make the competition a fierce one. Don’t worry, we can help you stand out among all your competition.  Use our low-cost tax feather flags to help leave a fantastic impression on your flags. We even priced our stock tax signs to be affordable by all businesses.  A simple investment can bring you more customers, so why not do it!  

Why Use Tax Feather Flags?

The answer is simple, to increase your client base or to get your business noticed. Our stock tax feather flags can be used at various locations with our many mounting options. Use the swooper (or feather) flags on walls, fences, solid surfaces, dirt, etc. No hammers, nails, or other tools needed. Get your flag banner up within a few minutes with our ground spike or cross-base.  The choice is yours! Our stock tax feather flags are also 12 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide, making them easily readable and visible from a distance.  Our stock tax feather flags are also considered windless.  Meaning they are fully sleeved, they do not need wind to be read!  

Many tax service locations are usually hidden in the busy or compact business centers.  With many places to go to, you want to make sure your business presence is noted to everyone passing by. Sure it’s easy to only advertise online but in real life you need location markers so people know where you are! Our tax feather flag can be easily installed, getting you quick exposure and a lasting impression on new customers.  

Tax Feather Flags vs Vinyl Banners

Many businesses are used to vinyl banners Many use these vinyl banners on  sidewalls, roofs, or other locations. Although vinyl banners are great, they can’t compare to the ease and simplicity of installing a stock or custom feather flag. Vinyl banners are stiff material.  While feather flags flow with the wind.  Guaranteed to grab attention! 

A tax service feather flag kit will generally come with a stock flag, a pole kit, and your choice of base. These three items can easily be used to get your feather flags ready to use with in minutes. View the video below to see how it easily and quickly you can get a tax service flag banner waving in front of your business.

For visibly, easy install, and portability – the feather flag definitely reigns supreme. But, we would advise using both custom vinyl banners and feather flags to maximize your impressions. We know this will result in more foot traffic and customers for your tax service business. Remember, one of the top reasons businesses don’t succeed is because no one knows they exist. 

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