the importance of custom flags for a start up

The Importance of Custom Flags for Startups

Custom Flags Help Startups Begin Their Branding

Could your startup use a little extra attention? Are you looking for effective ways to spend your advertising dollars? Why not consider custom flags for outdoor advertising?

Today’s consumer is busy and catching their attention isn’t always easy. Unfortunately, many startups don’t have the advertising budget to spend thousands of dollars a month on large billboards, radio endorsements, mail circulars, or television ads.

Instead, many startups need the cheapest, most effective form of advertising they can find that does the job quickly and gets to the point.

Most people spend a lot of time in their cars driving to and from work and shuffling their kids from one event to the next. That’s why custom flags make so much sense for startups. Custom advertising flags placed right outside your business catch potential customers’ eyes not once, but several times a day.

You don’t have to worry about someone switching off the radio to ignore an ad or throwing away a mailed advertisement. With custom flags, your business gets noticed.

Designing Your Custom Feather Banner

Purchasing just any feather banner or flag just won’t do, though. It’s important that you spend time designing a flag that is eye-catching and gets your message across.

You don’t want a small flag with text that can’t be seen. Therefore, it’s important that you work with a professional company that understands the importance of getting it right from the very beginning.

Since custom flags are so important for brick-and-mortar startups, here are some things to keep in mind about design:

  • Custom graphics and lettering doesn’t just look good, it attracts the type of customers or clients you’re specifically targeting. When you work with a custom flag company that has experience dealing with all sorts of businesses, you’ll get a product that makes sense for your needs.
  • Portability is crucial, especially if you attend community fairs or events where you’ll be promoting your business. Make sure your custom flag also comes with a carrying case and that the flag is easy to set up and transport. Advertising on the go is important for startups. Don’t let your advertising materials weigh you down. Go light with a feather flag.
  • Protect your flag from wind gusts. As a startup, you don’t have the budget to frequently replace damaged flags. Therefore, it’s essential that you purchase these products from a company that offers accessories and design options to reduce the chances of an accident due to an unexpected gust of wind.

Purchasing Your Feather Flag

Do you need your feather flags fast? Of course, you do. Startups don’t have the luxury of waiting weeks for a custom design. You need a custom design today. When you’re ready to purchase a custom banner, look for companies that offer online design services and guarantee a fast turn-around. That doesn’t mean you should sacrifice poor quality for fast service. Instead, work with a company that offers the best of both worlds.

When it comes to getting the most money out of a tight advertising budget, custom flag advertising gives you the most bang for your buck. You’ll catch more eyes and gain more exposure, which is what every new company wants, right?

The more a potential customer sees your message, the more likely it is that they’ll become an actual customer, and that’s advice you can take to the bank. Oh, and before I forget – if you are looking to get noticed even quicker, be sure to pair our custom flags with an air dancer or two.

We make everything in-house at our Riverside, CA location. This means we at FFN can offer better quality control than our competitors who outsource!

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