how to clean feather flags

How to Clean Feather Flags

Keep Your Feather Flags Clean

When you purchase high-quality flags from Feather Flag Nation, you purchase advertising that represents your store, business, or organization. So it’s important to keep them looking good! Wear and tear is inevitable, but there are many ways to keep your flags looking good for longer.

The best way to keep your flags in shape is by cleaning them. We often get asked, “How do I clean my feather flag?” This blog post will show you how!

Feather flags are perfect outdoor advertising. Highly visible with their tall height and colors, feather flags are guaranteed to bring attention to your store, organization, or business that will bring in customers and sales.

Placing the flags in high traffic areas will bring the most attention. Bring positive attention to your flags by keeping them clean! Extend the life span of your flags by learning to clean them. How to clean feather flags?

How to Clean Your Feather Flags

The best way to clean flags without damaging them is to hand wash them and hang them out to dry. Light soap is recommended to keep the flag color vibrant without fading.

Another way of how to clean feather flags is by putting them in the washing machine. But  custom flags are delicate! When you put the flags in the wash be sure to put them on the lowest wash cycle with cold water. DO NOT PUT THE FLAGS IN THE DRYER. Hang your flags out to dry!

Whether you have custom flags or stock flags, the cleaning process is the same. Don’t let your flags get dirty! Take care of your flags because they’re a great addition to any storefront.

Another important way to extend the lifespan of your feather flags is by making sure to place them away from items that will puncture them. Having your flags close to fences, trees, etc can increase your risk of something damaging the flag.

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