Cheap Packages To Advertise FFN

Cheap Feather Flag Packages to Advertise Your Business

Feather Flag Packages from FFN

Have you been feeling like your business needs a little something extra? Does space outside of your location feel empty? Do you need more outdoor advertising? Then our Feather Flag Packages will be perfect for you!

Here at Feather Flag Nation, we have a variety of outdoor feather flags to choose from. We have over 600 feather flags in-stock that are ready to ship to you within 1 business day! These flags are easy to install and stand at 15ft on their respected hardware, making them easy to spot from the street, road, or wherever. What’s even better, is we are now offering our feather flags with the pre-curved poles and ground spike as packages! 

These packages will include 4 in-stock feather flags, 4 sets of our pre-curved pole kit, and 4 ground spikes. That will be everything you need to get these flags up as soon as they arrive! We have over 50 packages available so there’s sure to be one that suits your needs.

Benefits of Feather Flag Packages

Feather flags are great for outdoor advertising. You can see them at schools, churches, events, auto shops, and so much more! They are a way to easily grab peoples’ attention as they walk or drive by. They’re a cheap form of advertising that you can change around with little cost. Instead of spending thousands on billboards, spend less than $200 and get 4 flags that you can put wherever! 

One of the best parts about our flags here at FFN is that our in-stock flags all share the same hardware. This means that you can interchange multiple flags on one set of poles! If your business has a limited sale, let people know and then easily change it to a “Welcome” or “Open” flag once the sale is over. The flags by themselves are only $14.99, making it easy to have a variety stored away for quick changes. 

These packages come with 4 flags and their kits (kit includes the pre-curved poles and the ground spike), making them ready to use as soon as they arrive. Once you have your hardware, you can switch out the flags as needed, but these packages are a great starting point for businesses that may not have any advertising yet!

Since FFN has such a large selection of flags, we’re bound to have something for your business. These packages are a great way to get started with your outdoor advertising and an easy way to keep up and make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward.

A Variety of Packages!

As I said, we have over 600 in-stock flags! This makes it easy to have a variety of packages to choose from. Of course, what a restaurant needs will be different than an auto shop, so our packages vary in design. Here are a few examples of the different categories we have and some of the packages that go with that category. 

Auto Shops:

Tax Offices:



And More!

Let's Start Advertising!

Now that you’ve seen a sneak peek of some of the packages we have to offer, you’re ready to place your order and start advertising your business! Feather flags are a great, inexpensive way to advertise for your business, company, event, school, team, and more! 

And since our flags all use the same hardware, you can interchange the flags once they get old or if you have another special you’d like to offer. What’s even better, is we can even do custom flags at the 12ft flag size. This means you could get a completely customized flag and it will easily slip onto your existing hardware!

If you have any other questions, you can send us an email at


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