Rectangle Flags are Efficient for Advertising

Rectangle Flags

Rectangle banner flags stand out as a distinctive and impactful form of visual expression. These elongated, rectangular flags hold immense significance, serving as vibrant signage that communicate messages, advertise brands, and unite communities.

Rectangle flags have a towering presence that draw attention. Placed strategically, they sway in the wind, effortlessly drawing eyes and directing focus. Their visibility in crowded spaces makes them effective tools for brand recognition and messaging, leaving a lasting impression on onlookers.

Their elongated form provides a canvas for creativity, allowing for intricate designs, bold colors, and captivating visuals. From corporate logos to event branding, these flags are meticulously crafted to catch the eye and convey a message effectively.

One of the remarkable aspects of rectangle flags is their versatility. They find their place in various settings: corporate events, sports arenas, festivals, and even political rallies. Their ability to be customized in size, shape, and design makes them adaptable to diverse purposes, from promotion to identification. 

Advertise Better with Rectangle Flags

Rectangle flags are a popular choice for outdoor advertising due to their eye-catching shape and vibrant colors. They are perfect for grabbing attention at events, trade shows, or storefronts. Their unique design allows them to flutter in the wind, drawing even more attention to your message. Their tall and narrow design stands out in a crowd and can be seen from a distance. This makes them ideal for locations where visibility is essential, such as busy streets or crowded events.

Rectangle flags have the unique ability to foster a sense of community and belonging. At events or gatherings, they serve as unifying symbols, representing shared values, causes, or affiliations. Whether showcasing team colors at a sports event or promoting a new sale, these flags grab attention.

Rectangle flags are powerful communicators that transcend language barriers. Their ability to captivate, unify, and convey messages makes them an integral part of events, advertising, and communal gatherings. In their elegant and elongated form, these flags dance in the wind, carrying with them the stories, values, and aspirations of those who hoist them high.

Lifespan of Rectangle Flags

With periodic use and proper care and storing, your custom flag should last 3+ years.  If used outdoors everyday, your lifespan will be approximately 1 year.  Be sure to take indoors during high winds to prevent your poles from snapping.  The rectangle shape of this flag will catch more wind than our feather flags. 

Flags used periodically will last 3+ years, assuming proper care.  If used outdoors for 8+ hours a day, your flag will need to be replaced within 9 to 12 months.  States such as California, Texas, and Arizona, which experience high heat and dry weather, will usually notice their flags fade quickly.

When the flag is not use, always fold your rectangle banner flag neatly and store it at room temperate.   Keep the flag away from sharp objects, such as fences, brick walls, trees, and etc.  Objects rubbing against the flag will cause it to fray and tear quicker.  You can wash the flag with cold water on low cycle.  It can’t be placed inside a dryer, you will need to air dry the banner.  Drying it on the flag pole is recommended.

Rectangle Flag Creation

We use a high-density print process that allows us to directly print onto our polyester-coated material.  This allows for a good bleed-through of medium to dark colors on our custom flags.  Darker colors will have much better visibility on the back of your banner prints than lighter colors. 

Production for our rectangle flags takes 3 days. Shipping will take about 2-5 business days to deliver, depending on location. The weight of our rectangle flags will vary from 6.5lb (8ft rectangle flag kit) to 12lbs per kit (15ft rectangle flag kit).

Colors will vary from your computer screen display (RGB colors) to actual flag prints (CMYK color mode).  If you are particular about colors, swatches can be ordered for a small fee.  CMYK prints cannot have a neon glow or the brightness that you see on your screen.  Custom flags will also not match any other materials, such as T-shirts, business cards, vinyl printsair dancers, etc.  No reprints or refunds will be provided for color variance on any of our custom banner flags.

Order Rectangle Flags from our Website

To order a stock rectangle flag is simple. Click here to see our selection. 

When you find the flag you want to order, click on it and it should take you to a page that has steps like this one.

You will have the choice to upgrade to premium poles which are recommended if you live in an area that has very high winds. 

Select what you need in each step and then add to the cart after the last step. 

Once you are done shopping, select the cart icon on the top right. 


You should have the item in your cart now. Double check the rectangle flag is correct and proceed to check out. 

To order a custom flag, click on the rectangle flags category. Here you can fill out the electronic form and submit any images or artwork. There will also be a section where you can put the design instructions. 

Once submitted, we will contact you by email with a proof of the design. We will also have a link in there to order. You will not have to upload your design request or artwork again. 

If you are ready to order your rectangle flags, click here. 

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