5 best summer advertising

5 Best Summer Advertising Products for small Businesses

Looking for a ways to stay on peoples mind?  Did you want people to remember your business regardless of the time of year? Do you have summer products you think will entice everyone? Here at Feather Flag Nation, we believe we got what you need, especially summer advertising products for small businesses.  After all, it’s no secret summer time is one of the best times to advertise your small business or any business for that matter.  All kids are out of school. Most families are now heading out as groups. People are coming into town on vacation or going on stay-cations! Not to mention there are more festival and vendor opportunities during summer!  Summer time is your time to get noticed and remembered by many. With so many opportunities, it would be crazy not to invest into your small business advertising. 

The summer weather has a huge part in people’s day-to-day activities during any summer, especially when people are more focused on getting out of the heat and into some place cool. We recommend you take advantage of these moments with summer advertising, especially to draw that cool-seeking potential customer into your small business. With small business it is important to keep up with any small windows for advertising. Anything and everything can help your small business fully flourish! Here are some of Feather Flag Nation’s products that we feel will help bring in that summer crowd to your open doors; no matter where you are located or what your small business is selling!  

Standard Flags

Any custom flag are great for business.  Standard flags are especially great because they are easy to place or carry around. Not to mention, they have great surface area for any graphics you would ever need!  You can take your standard flag anywhere you please. With our verity of sizes and attachment options, the flag is guaranteed to help your small business.  We even carry hardware for all your flags. Of course, it’s no secret; summer time is a special time, especially for business everywhere. The kids are out of school and families are leaving their homes together more often.  As a business owner, it’s hard to leave during this time. We know owning a business is a lot of work.  Sometimes it’s all work and no play. So why not vacation and advertise your website by customizing a flag and sit it by your chair on the beach. Keeping traffic flowing is a great way to ensure your small business is noticed by all. 


Picture it!  You’re out and about with your family on a summer vacation.  You have products you know your fellow vacationers would enjoy.  A custom Feather Flag Nation standard flag would do the job just right. Especially if you have a boat or a great spot to relax, our flags can be bought with all the hardware you need to set yourself up for success. Advertising for summer is now easier than ever.

Say you don’t want to leave on vacation this year but you want to spend time with your family locally. Why not take your custom flag and advertise while enjoying family time. Get local people to head over to your small business with your custom flag. Whether you are advertising a sale or just your business name, the important thing is you’re getting your small business out there. We even carry different sizes and options for mounting.

Below is a list of sizing we have available.

  • 2×3
  • 3×5
  • 4×6
  • 5×8

We also offer different options for your perfect flag.

  • Single sided or double sided
  • Double sided
  • Sleeve or Grommets with different position available  

Vinyl Banners

While standard flags are ideal for taking on the go, vinyl banners are a great way to advertise your business anywhere. Made from vinyl material, is a more durable. With us, our vinyl banners come in different sizes. So finding your perfect size is not a problem. Sturdy and weather-proof, vinyl banner are can last anywhere from 6-12 months. With proper care, they can even last up to years! Perfect for the great outdoors and reusing whenever you might need them!

Get noticed

Here at Feather Flag Nation, vinyl banners are reasonably priced, making it a great way to advertise your small business anytime. In fact, investing in vinyl banners can help decrease marketing advertising costs for your small business in the long run, simply because these can be reused without compromising any type of quality.

Just like any other one of our custom flags, we understand it’s important to create something eye catching! That’s why here at Feather Flag Nation we can do just about any color you would want. We can also do just about any design you need. Our teams of graphic designers are always ready to help you out with your design. Whether you need to start from scratch or if you need us to simply give you notes on your already made design.  The best part is, ordering with Feather Flag Nation is not a long process. Just let us know what exactly you’re looking for and we will send over a proof for you to look at in no time! The best part, we stay with you until you are completely happy with your design.  After all not every small business is the same, so make sure your message is as unique as you! 

Yard signs and garden flags!

Another great way to get your small business noticed would be with yard advertising. Although they might be small, they are mighty with advertising. A great idea is to get some of your customers or even supporting family members to allow you to place these custom yard signs in the front yard or anywhere there is a great exposure. There is no shame on self-promotion. Why not get into your local neighborhoods and advertise with locals. Especially if you are offering something you think your neighbors would enjoy! These custom signs might be small, but you can fit a lot of information on there. Even a simple logo and contact information will do.  The trick is to get people intrigued enough to check your small business out.

A garden flag will also do the same for your business! Garden flags are a little more decorative and a bit smaller than your typical yard sign.  However, it still packs the same punch as a yard sign. These can decorate the borders of your yard at any given time. Use them to give out to customers who used your services, like fencing or gardening. Leave your mark for all to recognize your final products. These are sold with the wiring, so you don’t have to worry about that. Same goes for the yard signs.  Feather Flag Nation has your back.

Feather Flags

Get the summer crowd to notice you with any of these products!  Feather Flag Nation has a wide range of items to get your small business booming during summer time. Including our tried and true feather flags are a year round staple.  Feather flags are great attention grabbers for anything you offer. Have cold water for every purchase?  Say it with a feather flag where you can literally flag down any customer.

Fully customized flags are the way to go. Especially feather flags, since they come in a wide range of sizes. You can create something that will keep paying for itself over the coming years.  With a choice of bases, you can place your feather flag virtually anywhere you can. Take advantage of these beautiful sunny summer days. Get the most out of the high volume areas, especially when there is a lot of customer looking for cool areas to hide from the sun. Feather flags can help with essential foot traffic by quite literally flagging down your customers.  Perhaps try a sidewalk sale! By having your products on display as consumers walk by is a great idea.  A feather flag is great for anything as it can be tall enough to say just about anything you want. 


Tube men

Along with our many selections, we got a bonus one for you!  Tube men are among our popular forms of advertisement. Both big and small business loves our tube men because they are truly eye catchers. Some people even get creative and make them resemble their bosses as a fun surprise! Many use our tube men as a special event advertising tools, while others prefer to use them year round. They can come in 18ft, 10ft and 6ft.  While we have some in stock, we do offer these as custom items. Unfortunately we cannot change the actual shape of the tube men themselves, but we can print virtually anything on them.  Most customers love to keep it simple. While others requests sunsets and more. Customizing to your needs is not a problem for us.


Note: Tube men are electrical and would require to be plugged in.  They also require a little more care than our other products but if we are honest, the joy it gives potential customers might just be worth it. 

Look into tube men if you have the space, it will be a great investment for you and your small business. Feather Flag Nation is your place to get your advertising needs. We carry a wide range of items and even their corresponding hardware. Our prices are fair and our quality is great too!  Check out our items online, where everything is a click away. 

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