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3 Simple Ways Custom Flags can Help your Local Business Marketing!

Now more than ever, with people finally leaving their homes for the first time in what feels like forever, it is time to make yourself known.  Especially after the year we’ve all been through! Here at Feather Flag Nation, our goal is to get every business noticed and make it easier to find that target audience where ever you are.  A customized flag is a playful and effortless way to encourage people to notice your specialty and all you can offer. Whether you are a small or big business, a captivating customized flag is a creative and alluring marketing strategy that many would consider profitable investment.  We offer quality products, so you can also offer quality services and products to your customers in a creative fun way.  We understand your business is unique and in return might need a more energetic way of marketing yourself.  Our creative flags allow business owners to reach more an everyday audience and enhance your foot traffic.  Getting noticed never hurt anybody, especially with fully customized flags, which can do wonders for your business! Believe us we know!  

Easy to locate

As consumers, we know there are many options out there. We also know that consumers are normal everyday people, like you and me. It’s been proven that movement attracts our attention. Making our free flowing flags a great way to command recognition. It’s only normal to check out what is moving in the distance, so why not be the one demanding the attention? When investing in flags, think of it as a tool to get the buzz going, especially if you do not have the best spot in the town. 

Feather Flag Nation in use

Having a prime location is important but it’s not everything. Many businesses are considered hidden gems because they aren’t really in the best spot to be spotted easily. Some might consider this a challenging disadvantage over other business, but it’s all on how you market yourself to the public. Our custom flags are a great way to let people know where you are located. Since they can be tall and colorful, they are easy to spot, making you easy to spot! In fact, our flags are frequently used as markers on busy streets to let people know they are open or simply get their name out there. It also helps get focused driver’s attention.  Our custom flags are an effective way to get people in your door and money in your pockets. 

Advertise your Specialty

As mentioned above, getting noticed is only step one of many to having a successful business. Once people are aware of your location, you need to let them know what you’re offering.  Customizing one of our fabulous flags is one of the best ways to get that information out there. Especially our feather flags, since they stand tall and can fly with or without wind, it’s never been easier to conquer your audience’s attention. By purchasing custom flags, you are allowing your business to spotlight services some might not know you offer. Allowing potential customers to keep you on their radar and come back to you when time comes. 


Custom flags are a genuine excellent marketing tool. It is a versatile and easy to use in any situation and location. Getting your services or products known are very important. Good thing using a marketing tool like these are such a great idea.  Sure it is an investment, but it is one investment that will keep bringing in the dough every time you place your flag out for people to see. It is the one item you can trust to deliver accurate information rain or shine!

Advertise Sales

Promotions don’t have to be done in one specific way. There are many ways of highlighting your sales. However if you really want it to drive your customers towards your big selling tickets, we suggest you create an attention grabbing display.  Even the word “SALE” has a big impact alone; imagine the bigger impact it will have when you have something that will literally stand out more? 

Feather flag mock ups

We all know sales bring in new and old customers. For many online advertisements don’t reach nearly everyone. With a custom flags, you can create a flag that you can use over and over again. Small and big businesses use advertisements like ours to get the traffic and revenue flowing. It’s a creative, attention grabbing way to ensure your sale does not go unnoticed. Even placing hours or other information can help people learn more about your business.


Since our flags come in different heights and shapes, it is easy to keep in mind, an exclusive customized flag can be used just about anywhere, outdoors and even indoors. You can add just about anything, as long it fits. You can promote your business no matter how tight the space is. We can even match your brand to create a visual presence. Which we all know is extremely important for any business. Even our smaller flags can be used to point out sections with in your store front. Often attracting customers to your big ticket items, this has been proven to be a worth-while cost-effective way of getting any sale magnified. 

Even though we have a variety of stock items ready and waiting to be purchased, we know your business might require further customization, after all every business is unique as its business owners. Feather Flag Nation has a team of designers ready to take on your request for any flags customization you might want. We will work with you to the very end, until you are happy with your design to be specific.  In fact, many owners prefer our customized flags because of the quick and easy process.  It’s something customers enjoy purely because they can be as involved as they want. We can even take creative control is you need us too. At the end of the day, our flags are here to serve you.  Order your custom flags today at Feather Flag Nation! 

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