Verizon Signs and Flags

These items is longer available.  Please contact your marketing department for assistance.  Your Verizon marketing representative can place the order through their vendor system with us (ANID: AN01393084517).


Verizon wireless flags and sings

Verizon wireless flags and sings

Verizon has revamped their logo in early of 2017.  There new logo has a much more modern look with a simple yet appealing logo.  As a franchise owner, it is important to stay up to date with your logo prints on all flags and banners.  All of our Verizon signs below have the new custom Verizon wireless logo imprinted on them.

We try our best to keep up to date on our stock and custom feather flags and banners.  If you see any issues with our designs, please be sure to let us know – sometimes things do slip through the cracks!

Verizon Feather Flags

We have our Verizon wireless feather flags available in two sizes – 6ft and 12ft in height.  Designs are available in black, red, and white backgrounds.  The smaller 6ft flags are recommended for Verizon wireless stores inside a shopping center, mall, or other compact place.  Use the cross-base to easily set it up on a flat solid surface.

Our larger 12ft Verizon wireless feather flags are made primarily for outdoor use.  Their height is perfect for all of your outdoor branding.  These flag banners stand 14 to 15ft tall with our mounting hardware, making them hard to miss —  Our flags are a must have for all new and existing franchise owners.

Verizon Wireless Air Dancer Tube Man

Our Verizon wireless air dancers come in two different prints – black or red.  The custom Verizon logo is imprinted onto the body of the tube men.   The inflatable tube man stands 20ft tall with the air dancer blower.  These are great to use in open parking lots, sidewalks of your shopping center, entry-ways, and any other location that allows you to use these sky dancers.

These are crucial for all grand openings of new locations or for businesses that are hidden in a busy shopping center.  These tube men pair well with our other Verizon signs — especially our feather flags.

Verizon Wireless Vinyl Banner

Available sizes: 2×4′, 3×6′, and 3×8′.  Other banner sizes available upon request.

Vinyl banners have been used for decades by businesses around the world.  They are light weight, easily to mount at various locations, and also fairly cheap compared to many other outdoor advertising items.

Our Verizon wireless vinyl banners come ready to be design on our online design tool in 3 different sizes.  Click on the customize button to begin adding to our pre-designed Verizon banners.  Add your business name, hours, or anything else you like on these banners.

Verizon Wireless Custom Flags 3×5′


Our online design tool has a pre-loaded Verizon flag that you can modify as you like.   These 3×5′ custom flags come finished with either grommet or sleeves (you choose).  Grommets are great for mounting on flags poles.  2” pole pocket sleeves also allow you to slip these flags onto a 1.5” pole.

These custom flags are a great option for anyone looking to decorate their indoor walls, tables, or to use with at trade-shows.


Other Verizon Signs

We can usually custom craft a variety of other signs, such as posters, retractable banner stands, yard signs, and pole banners.  Contact us to see how we can increase your curb appeal.  Professional designers on on stand-by to assist you.



Verizon wireless has long been known as the wireless carrier with cell-phone reception almost anywhere.  I still remember the day I went to the top of Big Bear and my friends Verizon phone was actually getting reception for calls — I had AT&T at the time, which was dead at that altitude.  I switched to Verizon shortly after that trip (around 2002).  Though Verizon is more expensive than almost all other companies, it does from my experience have the best receipt and speeds.



Feather Flag Nation is not affiliated, endorsed, nor sponsored by any company logo(s) present on any products.  All designs are only offered to customers that have the expressed rights to use the logo(s). By placing an order, all customers agree to have the rights reserved to use any logo(s) that are present on any of our product(s).