Inflatable Tube Man Custom 20ft Full Color with Blower

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Comes with same graphics on both sides by default.

Different Graphics on Both Sides?

Double-sided body can have different messages/graphics on each side.

Add text to arms?

Add text to each arm.

Purchase an extra dancer body?

Buy with this package and save BIG. Only $94.99. Standard price is $199.99. Design for both dancers have to the same.

20ft Inflatable Tube Man Custom Full Color – Blower included

Custom crafted inflatable tube man orders usually ship within 1 to 3 business days. Create yourself the perfect air powered dancer with live images, large text, and color layouts with no extra money out of your pocket. Feather Flag Nation will not charge you per letter, per color, or try to slip in other hidden fees and mark-ups. Pay the price you see and the shipping costs. We will even do the design layout for free. Click Here to submit a design request. Our team of designers will usually get back to you within an hour on work days. Air puppets or tube man should not be plain dancers that entertain kids, traffic, or an audience. It should be something that gets your brand noticed, makes your business stand out from your neighbor, and at the same time it should display what you have to offer. Our custom inflatable tube man has several advantages that allow you to easily achieve this. I’ve listed the main points below. 1. Our print process allows you to create full color designs, which means you can include your intricate logos that have live graphics, gradients, images, and other things that our competitors cannot work with. This allows you to properly advertise your brand. Whats the point of having a message without your company logo on it? Full color custom inflatable tube man with live graphics 2. We allow you to have a different front and back graphics on the inflatable tube mans and tubes. This is very crucial when it comes to marketing and saving money. Why waste money on two dancers, when you can achieve it with one? Refer to video below which shows a custom dancing man which has “Pizza” on one side and “Pasta” on the other. Two messages at the price of one! If you want to switch the direction of the message, simply twist the dancer 180 degrees. It is as easy as that! 3. You can customize the arms on the air puppets. Put text such as “SALE,” “10% OFF,” “NOW OPEN” or other simple messages that can entice anyone passing by to come in. This increase your conversion rates, so use them! 4. Our goal is to help your business succeed. We are not looking to custom-air-dancer-frontprovide you with low quality items from China or to sell you any ordinary inflatable tube man. We strive to give you high quality products, which means we will stand behind our product. Our custom crafted inflatable tube mans come with a 1 year free repair service. As long as the puppet is repairable, we will do so for free. Simply mail us the dancer with a return label. We’ll repair and ship it back within 2 to 3 business days. Before shipping it back, be sure to email us pictures of the damage to confirm if the item is repairable. 5. We don’t charge you an arm and a leg for this product. Not every business has a huge budget for marketing. Our goal is to make our custom inflatable tube mans available to as many businesses as possible. Our low prices compete extremely well with all competitors, and we craft ours in the USA. When we say “inflatable tube man custom made in the USA,” rest assured you will get a good quality item. On a tighter budget? Purchase our custom inflatable tube man tube. Contact us with any questions at 877-900-5692 or email us at

Please allow 2 to 3 business days for production. UPS Ground transit time is an additional 2 to 5 business days. Rush services available, extra charges do apply. Made in the USA with the highest quality materials.
Already own an Air Blower? Looking for the body only?

Custom-inflatable-tube-man-dimensions Dimensions of our custom 20 foot inflatable tube man Inflatable Tube Man.

Custom Air Inflatable Tube Man - full color, made in the USA.

Our custom inflatable tube man is made to last and professionally designed to attract eyes to your business and keep them there. If you are looking for a high quality USA made custom inflatable man, call us 877-900-5692. Custom air puppet orders ship within 1 to 3 business days.

How to Maximize Impressions

In addition to an inflatable tube man, we also recommend getting a few of our advertising flags. tube dancers create a lot of impressions but why not make even more? A combination of custom flags and inflatable tube men allow you to maximize your impressions, which results in more exposure and traffic to your business or event. Our popular styles include our custom feather flags, rectangle flags, and teardrop flags, and our standard custom flags. On a budget? We have a huge variety of stock cheap feather flags and banner flags. Contact us and we’ll help you get the best package for your budget. We have a variety of stock options that help offset the costs of some of the custom signs and banners. Our staff is here to help you create a unique and effective design. An inflatable tube man is a great addition to your business — regardless of using it daily, a few days every couple of weeks, or once a year. Create great impressions with our dancing man and return 10 to 20% in sales increase over a 6 to 9 month period of daily 8 hour use. (Results will vary depending on the business and location of use). inflatable tube man custom crafted to your needs. Don’t fall for low quality products that are advertised as “high quality” items. Most will break down within a weeks use. Stay away from china made custom tube dancers or inflatables in general.

Car Wash inflatable tube man placed in front of business

Car wash inflatable tube men have proven to bring in more traffic. Use our custom crafted inflatables in front of your business to make more money.

Furniture Sale inflatable tube man - Custom Made in the USA

Full color custom inflatable tube man/puppet. Put extra text on the arms. No color restrictions. Brand the proper way with Feather Flag Nation. inflatable tube man custom designed for your business.

black Cricket wireless inflatable tube man

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