Wine and Beer Red Swirl Feather Flag Banner Swooper

Entice customers to your business or restaurant with this swooper banner flag that advertises “WINE & BEER”. Wine and beer may not be for everyone, but if you’re in need of this feather flag then wine and beer drinkers are who you want to attract! What better way to grab their attention than a 12 foot tall advertising flag that promises “WINE & BEER”? Place this in front of your business or establishment or close to the main road in order to let people know there is wine and beer somewhere nearby. This flag can also be used during outdoor events like music festivals or county fairs or other large outdoor events. Use this as a location market so people will be able to find where wine and beer is being sold.

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This high quality feather flag is made out of a polyester material that is durable against outdoor elements. This flag can last up to several months up to a year before needing to be replaced in areas with good climate. In severe weather the flag should be kept indoors.

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