What is a Feather Flag?

What is a Feather Flag?

Feather Flags are feather or blade shaped flags that are used for outdoor advertising.  They are made of a polyester blend and are meant for long term outdoor.  They are also sometimes referred to as banner flags since they are used as an outdoor banner.  In addition to being called banner flags, they are also sometimes called:  swooper flags, flutter flags, blade flags, advertising flags, sail flags, and many other names.  All names basically describe either the shape or use of the flag.

The polyester material allows the feather flags to be used outdoor for long periods of time.  The graphics are printed either directly to the fabric digitally, heat pressed (also known as dye sublimation), or screen printed.

Below I will briefly describe Digital Printing vs Screen Printing and Dye-sublimation.

I. Digital Printing  (Feather Flag Nation’s method)

Digitally printed custom flags are the best option when purchasing a custom feather or banner flag.  It allows for full color graphics, excellent bleed through for dark colors, and an infinite number of color combinations.  Feather Flag Nation uses a proprietary commercial printing process that allows for high bleed through digital printing.  Most digital printing processes leave the back of the flag white, ours does not.

II. Screen Printing  (Available upon request)

Screen printed flutter flags are great for designs that are ordered in high volume and do not use any digital graphics.  Solid color, text, and logos work great for screen printing.  Since screen printing is an expensive method and screens need to be created per flag design, minimum order quantity are required for screen printed orders.

III. Dye-sublimation Printing  (We will never use this method)

Dye-sublimation is the least desired method of printing.  Colors for this method have a very weak bleed through of ink, which makes the back of the feather flag nearly completely white.  Dye-sublimation is a cheap printing process which results in light colors and very quick fading.  Heat pressing ink onto an outdoor flag is an outdated method for outdoor advertising flag.

At Feather Flag Nation, we are considering researching new ways to produce better colors, bleed-through, and quality of our custom and stock feather flags.  Our machines are serviced often, replaced with newer models as they become available, and new products are added every year.

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