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Single or Double Sided Feather Flags? How to Choose.

In my experience, one of the most popular questions Ive been asked is whether someone should choose a single or double-sided feather flag. Most first-time feather flag buyers always assume that swooper flags are printed on both sides; thats not the case. In this article well discuss why its   important to know the difference between single vs double; along with how to choose the best version that fits your business needs.

Single Sided Feather Flags



















A single-sided flag is printed on one side, with a reflection reversed on the opposite side. Simple put, as my colleague states in our office; its like somebody uses a marker to draw on one side and when flipped; you can see the bleed through on the opposite side.

Got it.

Single-sided flags works best in all situations but they are best suited for one-way streets and/or when attention can only be seen one way. This is not to say that you cant use single sided feather flags for two-way traffic; remember if you use the single side for double-sided traffic; one angle will only see the reverse of your message. Therefore, its important to have large eye-catching imagery (i.e. to represent your message), use a simple design and have a clear Call to Action.

Double Sided Feather Flags




















A double-sided flag is two printed feather flag banners that are sewn together. To avoid and/or not see through the flag, we block the middle in-between with a black mesh. This mesh will prevent light from seeping through and allow each side to be seen respectively.

Double-sided flags works best in all situations, but they are best for two way streets and/or traffic coming from either side (front/back or left/right). To date, these flags are the highest quality and last the longest due to the how we create them in-house.

There is no doubt about it, you cant go wrong with double-sided flags at all.

Which sided Feather Flag do I Need?

The most popular feather flag in my experience is single-sided. This is due to the tremendous amount of single-sided pre printed flags that we offer; but its often due to cost and budget. Double-sided flags are more expensive, therefore and/or often most times people choose the cheapest option when it comes to signage. Although, I dont agree with this approach; I think that double-sided is the best choice because it provides the highest quality and last the longest.

All things considered, to know which to choose; single sided vs double complete the following quiz and add up your score:

  • Do you have traffic coming from multiple directions? (Yes = 2pt | No = 1pt)
  • Will people view your flag from a distance of over 25 yards? (Yes = 2pts | No = 1pt)
  • Do you need more than 5 Words on your Feather Flag? (Yes = 2pts | No = 1pt)
  • Are you using your flag indoors or outdoors? (Indoor = 1pt | Outdoor = 2pt | Both = 3pt)
  • Will people stand or walk within 5 feet of your flag at a stand or booth? (Yes = 1pt | No = 2pt)

If your score is 8 or less a Single Sided Feather Flag would be your best option.

If your score is 8 or more a Double-Sided Feather Flag would be your best option.

Feather flags are the wave of the future! These marketing material can be brought at a low price and displayed for up to a year plus.

Send us your design and let our talented design pros create a beautiful customer feather flag for you. If your budget doesnt allow for a custom flag, dont worry. We have over 600 stock flags that meet all styles and budgets. Our promotional flags are created quickly with proofs available in hours and shipping within days. When you choose Feather Flag Nation, youre choosing to work with a company that takes pride in excellent work at value prices.

Contact us today at 1-877-900-5692 to learn more and begin your order.

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