How to Set Up a Feather Flag – Easy Installation

How to Set Up a Feather Flag

Now that you’ve purchased a stock or custom feather flag kit, it’s time to learn how to set up a feather flag display! Assembly is simple and easy and can be as quick as under 1 minute! For visual learners, Feather Flag Nation has created a video for our customers You can also check out the instructions, listed below.

Standard size flag kits, like our stock kits, have a 4pc pole set. There is a pre-curved top piece or a flexible rod (as seen in the video)  and 3 straight poles of different thicknesses. Each of these poles will have a dimple that locks the poles in place. Make sure these dimples are on top when telescoping the poles together! Once the poles have been locked in place, you can slide the flag’s sleeve along the curved portion. Now all you need to do is put the pole into the ground spike, cross base, or other mounting hardware.  Now you know  How to Set Up a Feather Flag!

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