Sale STOP Save Feather Flag

Stop people in their tracks and pick up potential customers with this feather flag! This is a bright yellow swooper flag with a stop sign and text that reads “SAVEMONEY” in bold red letters. Whether your shop is having a one-off event sale, or just marketing to new (or already established) customers, its good to let people know the business is open and ready for traffic. Place this strategically in front of a shop or by a road so people know the location of your business. Feather flags are excellent high-quality options for outdoor advertising because of their bright colors and size (stock swooper flags from are 12 feet tall and get up to a height of 15 feet with pole kit!). It is a basic instinct to slow down with red and yellow. Now with this stop sign, people will really stop to see what is going on. And whats going on is that your shop is having a “SALE!

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