Increasing Sales with Custom Flags in 2018

It’s a new year and as all business owners do, you’ve also made one of your goals to make this year better than the rest.  This task is much easier said than done since each business requires its own methods to generate more traffic, sales, and etc.  One thing that is for certain for every business is the need for outdoor advertising.    This is where custom flags, such as advertising feather flags, play a huge role in increasing your sales.

Custom Flags

Custom flags come in a variety of sizes and styles.  The most common types include feather flags and custom 3×5 flags.  Both of these styles are easily portable and can be used indoors and out.   These flags act billboard that can easily be moved around to various locations.  This allows for easy advertising of your product, business, or brand.  Let your creativity come to life with our full color digital print process. I’ll briefly go over the two most popular style of custom flags and what to expect when you purchase them.


Custom Feather Flags

These banner flags come in the shape of a feather, as the name suggests.  They are tall flags that are typically 10 to 12ft tall.  Widths range from 2 to 3ft wide.  Our flags are made of a 4oz polyester material.  This material is finished with a coating that allows for high quality graphics to be printed directly onto the material.    This print process removes any restrictions when it comes to creating your design.  You can use any many colors, live images, other graphics that you would like to use.

Income Tax Signs
Large and easy to read 15ft feather flag designs mounted on the lawn of a business.

These flags are referred to as feather flags, banner flags, flag banners, and a variety of other names.  They are all advertising flags that have graphics printed on them.  Most come as single-sided prints, but some places, such as ourselves, offered double-sided prints for all of our custom flags.  Double-sided prints consist of two flags printed back to back with a 100% block-out in the middle.  Beware!  Some places will not put a block-out in the middle, causing one side to bleed to the other. 

A feather flag kit will consist of a flag, a flag pole kit, and a mounting hardware of your choice.  Most popular mounts include ground stakes for grass and cross-bases for solid surfaces.  The pole kit will consist of several pieces that telescope together to make one large flag pole. 

In addition to this, most custom feather flag kits can be upgraded to a travel package, which allows you to neatly store all of your components into a canvas bag.

Custom 3×5 Flags

Our 3×5 custom flags are the most popular when it comes to rectangle flags that are finished with grommets or sleeves (no pole kits).  They are light weight and can easily be used at various locations inside your home or business.   These custom flags are often used by students at a university to display their fraternity or club pride.  They are also used on boats, flag poles, and various other locations.  Businesses also use these to brand their business outside their store front or at trade shows.

Cheap EDM Festival Flags - 3x5 Flags
3×5 Flags are light weight and easy to hold and fold.  Great for all events.

The most common finish would we 2 grommet on the left side.  This allows the flag to be easily used on a flag pole, zip-tied to different objects, or draped down on rods.  For indoor use on walls, the hem only finish is best since the 3×5 flag can be nailed or thumb-tacked to a wall.  The 2” pole pockets finish is made for 1 to 1.25” diameter poles.  A small 3” rope will be added near the bottom end of the sleeve, which will allow you to tie or clamp it down to your existing pole.

A 3×5 custom flag is awesome because it light weight and can be folded down to the size of a napkin.  This allows for extremely easy transport (in fits in most pockets) and also makes it great for long events, such as festivals, concerts, and other outdoor events.  Once you are done taking pictures with your group, simply fold the flag back up and put it away.  Or, tie it around your neck to make it into an awesome cape.

How Custom Flags Help Increase Sales

Now, let’s get to exactly how custom flags can help your business increase sales.  In 2018, very rarely are business in open stand-alone locations where everything is easily visible.  With increasing population numbers around the world, everyone is starting to cram more and more units into smaller and smaller shopping complexes.  What this does is make it difficult for anyone to easily see what stores are inside the center with ease.  Yes, there are 20+ small signs on the light board, but no one can quickly sort through them while driving.  Heck, I usually miss them most of the time because of the flow of traffic around me.  Advertising banner flags help eliminate this problem. 

How do you ask?  It’s simple.  A flag standing 12ft tall with text and graphics is extremely difficult to miss.  Also, with the text typically averaging around 2ft wide and 10ft tall, reading it while driving by at 40+ mph is very easy to read.  So, now imagine someone is driving around looking for pizza.  Who will they go to?  A business complex with a pizza feather flag in front of it or one with-out it?  Of course, it will be the one with the flag banner waving around because now your customer knows for certain that there actually is a pizza joint there. 

feather banners
Feather banners in front of Jack in the Box.  Easy to view graphics while driving by.

In addition to getting your business visibility, which causes more awareness, and in return more sales traffic, feather flags also help you display your sales and/or products to anyone passing by.   Therefore, a feather flag with your business name, product image(s), and a price is an optimal way of using custom flags.  As an example, a McDonalds flag with an image of a burger and a drink would perform much better than a feather flag with just a logo.  The image of a tasty burger and a cold drink gets people’s taste buds going when they see them.  Then, once they see the low price, the person turns into make the purchase.

Single-sided custom flag
Great flag design, but a double-sided design would be much better to make the price easier to read.  But the live graphics on this feather flag make it great for sales.

If a custom flag is designed properly, it can be highly effective in increasing traffic and sales of your business.  We offer free design services for all custom orders, before you spend a single cent.  Don’t like the flag design?  Changed your mind?  No worries.  Our service is free.  Let us help you make 2018 the best year so far with our custom feather flags, banners, air inflated dancers, and other outdoor signs.





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