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Importance of Business Advertising Flags

Are you struggling to increase sales and bring in new customers off the street? Why not take advantage of all that traffic in front of your building by adding outdoor advertising flags? These colorful flags catch peoples attention and have been known to improve sales rapidly. The following are some reasons to consider adding outdoor flags:

  • Bring in new customers: According to recent surveys, 8 out of 10 people said they visited a store for the first time based on the signage out front.
  • Increase sales: Advertising flags bring in the profits. A recent poll, indicated that 67% of new business was due to the outdoor advertising signage.
  • Increase brand awareness: Businesses get lost in strip malls unless people know about them. If you want more people to know about your business and increase brand awareness, you must have visible outdoor signage.
  • Great for startups: People love a grand opening event! If youre a start-up and want more people and sales to walk through your door, advertise with outdoor flags.
  • Passive attention-getters: Capture the attention of passing traffic with colorful flags that move in the wind. Passive attention is something thats instinctive to humans. It means that we are always subconsciously scanning our surroundings even when not aware. Something colorful and fun is always sure to catch the eye.

About Feather Flag Nation

At Feather Flag Nation, outdoor advertising is what we do best. We have a wide selection of feather flags, inflatable tube men, banners, and more to meet the needs of the businesses we serve. No matter what type of company you operate, we guarantee to have a product that grabs attention and drives sales. Choose from one of our standard, ready-to-ship designs, or contact our design team to come up with a customized design. Our business advertising flags are durable and made to withstand any kind of weather conditions. If youre ready to start welcoming new customers into your store, contact us today to create your outdoor advertising flag.

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