How to Setup an Air Dancer

how to setup an air dancer

Air Dancers – Easy Setup Process

Due to the size of the air dancers, some customers are worry about how to setup an air dancer.  The air dancer blower is a bit heavy, so we do recommend using the wheels to roll it out to your location of use.  Other than that, the actual 18ft air dancer body is very light weight.  It only weighs 2 pounds and it comes in a canvas bag to be easily store and move around.

If you would like to skip this wall of text, you can view the short air dancer install video below.  I would highly recommend the video!

Air Dancer Set Components

An air dancer only has two components, the air dancer puppet and the air blower.  You will also receive 4 small tires and a wrench to install them to the bottom of the air blower motor.    No other tools are necessary to get the air dancer up and running.  However, you do need a sturdy extension cable that can reach the location that you want to use the air dancer at.  They can be purchased from most local hardware stores.

Air Dancer Puppet Specifications

The sky dancer puppet will come with a black velcro attachment sewn to the bottom of the body.  It’ll have an opening that will be connected with velcro as well.  This will help you seal the body after it is attached to the air dancer.

Air Dancer Blower

The air dancer’s blower motor will have a velcro attachment sewn around the top circumference.  This is where the air dancer will be installed to.   The blower will also have top power options, option 1 and 2.  We recommend using option 1 for most occasions.  If your area is getting windy and you notice your air dancer tilting to a specific side, you can up the power to setting 2.

How to setup an air dancer in 3 easy steps:

  1. Drag a power extension cord, your air dancer, and the blower to your location of use.

    Air dancer blower on pavement with wheels
    Air dancer blower on pavement with wheels
  2. Take the air dancer out of the canvas bag and attach it to the top of the air blower

    Air Dancer being attached to motor
    Air Dancer being attached to motor.
  3. Connect the power of the blower to your extension cord and press the number 1 or 2 button to start the dancer.
    Air Dancer Installed
    Sky puppet installed to air dancer blower with power on.


Easy and straight forward right?  Next time someones asks how to setup an air dancer, send them to us, even if they didn’t purchase from us, we’ll be glad to help.

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