Good vs Bad Inflatable Tube Air Powered Dancers

Bad vs Good Inflatable Tube Air Powered Dancers

Did I Purchase a Good Inflatable Tube Man?

How to Tell

It is never easy to determine when an online item you are purchasing is a good quality item. It is also hard to determine from low-quality images if something is going to look as good in person as it does on your computer. There are a few key things to look for when purchasing your stock or custom air powered dancer guy.  

One of the biggest giveaways for low-quality air-inflated dancers is the color of the dancer. If you see dull solid colors (sometimes they look pastel) and overly plain faces as shown in Figure 1, then you are about to purchase a bad wind dancer. These dancers are made of thin nylon material that doesn’t hold the color very well. They also will come with plain solid color text on them.

Another obvious giveaway is the price. Remember, if the price is overly cheap from other sellers, then be prepared to receive a low-quality China made item. You’ll be lucky if it lasts more than a couple of weeks. Lastly, they will be very unattractive designs.  I would personally never buy any of the dancers in figure 1. They aren’t festive. They don’t make me smile or capture my eyes. To me, they are bad visual noise that is not welcoming in any way.

Air Dancers to AVOID


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Before reading on what makes a good dancer, look at figure 2 below and compare those dancers to the “air dancers” in figure 1.  It is very easy to notice the color difference and the design quality of both dancers.  Our tube men are made to last and designed to attract.  They are happy designs that don’t create bad visual noise.  I may be biased, but I would buy the puppets in figure 2.  I would love to have them at my business.

Good Quality Polymesh Material Air Dancers

Figure 2: Good quality inflatable tube men. Colorful. Unique. Our dancers are made to last and designed to attract.

Now, let’s move to what makes our puppet dancers better than the others.  One of the key and the most important thing is the material of the dancer.  We use a polymesh material.  It is a polyester material specifically made for air inflatables, which allows you to grab the dancer and abuse it while the air is flowing throw it.  The dancer will not pop like nylon material, you may wear it down sooner though, so try not to use our dancers as wrestling partners.

The polymesh material also allows us to print full-color graphics on our custom air powered dancer dudes.  Yes, you can use live images, fancy text, and any colors that you like.  We will not charge you a penny more for using lots of text or colors. Our material is made to capture colors and graphics to create the perfect air dancer for your business.  You can even design the arms of the puppets as you like!

In addition to high-quality materials, full color prints, and 100% customization of the dancers, we also produce our custom air-inflated puppets in-house.  Yes, these are made in the great USA.  Order your custom air puppet on Monday and have it shipped out within 3 business days.  We will not outsource our custom products to China.  By purchasing from us, you are stimulating our economy, not China’s.  If you see 2 weeks turn-around time, they are being produced in China.  Stay away!

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