Feather Flags & Air Powered Dancer Guys for Cricket Wireless

[These items are no longer offered.   We can custom craft an inflatable tube men or feather flags with your own provided graphics]

Attract attention to your Cricket Wireless shop and advertise on a budget! Get cheap feather flags and inflatable tube mans for Cricket Wireless without sacrificing quality. Flags and signs are our specialties here at Feather Flag Nation and now we’ve added to the variety with inflatable tube men. All of our products can help expand your market and audience reach and help to increase sales at your franchise location. Most items ship within 1 business day.

Great for Cricket Wireless Franchises

Our feather flags and inflatable tube men for Cricket Wireless carry the new Cricket logo. We keep your marketing fresh and current! Feather flags are available in two sizes: large 12ft and smaller 6ft. When used with poles, the overall height of each kit is 15ft (12ft flag) or 8ft (6ft flag). The larger size is great for outdoor use, either right in front of the business or along busy areas to guide customers to your business. If looking to advertise indoors, or if a city has height restrictions for outdoor advertising, then the smaller 8ft kit is also a great option! Designs are available in Cricket green or in solid black.

Our newest addition to our Cricket Wireless advertising options is the inflatable tube man. Choose between Cricket green or black. These inflatable tube men are 18ft tall and will really help your Cricket Wireless franchise location stand out among the crowd. The current pricing for an inflatable tube man is $74.99. Purchase the air blower motor from us at an additional $149.99 or use your own. inflatable tube men from Feather Flag Nation are more durable and last longer than embroidered dancers. Who wouldn’t notice an 18ft giant green dancing inflatable? This inflatable tube man is sure to attract attention to your Cricket Wireless location.

Cricket Wireless Advertising Custom Options

Besides feather flags and inflatable tube men for Cricket Wireless, we also carry custom vinyl banners and custom 3×5 flags. Vinyl banners are perfect for mounting on walls indoors or outdoors. Custom vinyl banner


s are available in 2×4, 3×6, and 3×8. Great for use indoors or outdoors! You can also have custom flags, using the same material as the standard fabric. Customization allows you to add a contact number, business hours, and other valuable information.

There are many options for you to advertise your Cricket Wireless franchise. Take advantage of special pricing now!

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