Feather Flags 101 - Letter Visibility

Feather Flags 101 – Letter Height Visibility and Design Tips

Designing Your Flag

Let’s jump-start to the point of this article less is always more when designing your feather flag sign. A lot of our clients want every little special item or image on their flag. This is simply not how feather flags should be designed.

Outdoor signs should be simple, to the point, and must only display the bare minimum. Why do you ask? The answer is simple: when someone is driving past your location, they don’t have time to read a paragraph of text. Large bold text with a graphic of one of your products is best. We’ll go over a list of key elements for design lettering on flags. These include font size, color, type, and sign placement. All of these features will help you create a successful outdoor sign for your business and will increase your sign’s visibility.

Text Size

There is a general rule of thumb for the ideal text size to be 1 to 10. For example, if your letter is 1 inch tall, you can usually view it from 10 feet away. Our standard feather flags width is 2.5 feet, which allows for very large text. If your flag design only has 4 to 5 letters, you can make the height of the text about 35 to 45 inches. This will allow visibility of your sign from 350 to 450 feet away. Follow this rule and your sign’s visibility will not be an issue.

Letter Visibility for Feather Flags - Starbucks Render

Examples of Font Sizes

Fonts must be large and easy to read.  We recommended no more than 10 letters for your custom flags assuming the height is at least 10 feet tall.  For more examples, view our stock feather flags — which typically use max font size for highest visibility. Again, these are examples and can be adjusted as needed for your event, trade-show, or business location.

Feather Flag Fonts and Text Size Tips

Flag and Font Color

We’ll be bundling these two together because the color of the flag will determine the color of the font or vice versa. It is important to create a color contrasting design that helps your flag and font pop. From many years of experience, we’ve determined that bright colors work the best. The majority of our custom flags include yellows, blues, and reds. This is simply because these colors stand out from a distance.

Custom Feather Flag Color Guide

Font Type

Font type is another important yet simple aspect of creating the perfect outdoor flag banner sign. Never use script fonts for feather flags simply because they are not readable when oriented top to bottom. Additionally, it is extremely hard to read when driving by at 40+ MPH. You have a few seconds to display your product and message make those seconds count with large readable text and image(s). We would recommend Arial Black, Futura Bold, Myriad Bold, or any other bold font that is easy to read.

Fonts to use on your custom feather flags

Sign Placement

Use your feather flags in an open area away from power lines, buildings, or fences. Objects around the flags will fray the material and wear them down sooner. We advise using your flags on your sidewalks grass or dirt area where anyone walking or driving by sees your signs. Maximizing your sign’s visibility will directly result in more traffic and sales.

If you are at a busy location and simply want to get noticed, use it at different locations that allow the flag banner to be viewed from the road (i.e back side of business which faces highway, roof of gas station, entryway to a business center, at an exit close to your business, etc). Feather flags are signs that can be moved around and installed at various locations with ease so sign placement can be almost anywhere, even your truck.

The majority of these principles are straight forward and easy to understand. Following them will increase your sign’s visibility. Simply put, less is more when it comes to outdoor signs and flags. When someone is walking up and grabbing your business card or menu, feel free to have tons of text. For outdoor signage, it is important to keep your custom flag design to the point and as minimalistic as possible. We are not competing with an art show you want to market your product. Remember, we offer free design services and support. Let us help you create the perfect flag or sign for your business.

14ftkit_Feather Flags _02 Completed 12-30-14

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