Feather Flag, Pole & Ground Spike for $49

At Feather Flag Nation we believe in the highest quality of products for the lowest cost to you! So YES we are having a sale! Why not take advantage of it. For THIS MONTH ONLY, you can take advantage of this deal of a 12FT Tall In-Stock Single-Sided Feather Flag WITH Poles and Ground Spike! 

WOW NOW THAT’S A DEAL! Who doesn’t want a feather flag at that price! Let’s get into talking about how you can get that deal to your door!

Feather Flag Sale

Lets get into the details:

  • Flag Size: 12′ (Height) x 2.5′ (Width)
  • Flag Pole Size: Each kit contains 3 straight and one aluminum curved or flexible pole top piece.
  • Ground Spike: 24″ to 30″ Tall
  • Cross Stand and Weight-Donut Upgrade: This stand can be used BOTH indoors and OUT! When filled with sand or water the weight-donut can add about 30 to 35 IBS!

Our wonderful deal doesn’t stop there! If your order is over $150.00, you can use the coupon code SAVEMONEY to receive FREE SHIPPING! So go into our website today and receive this AWESOME DEAL!

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