Best Prices for Custom Feather Flags Double and Single-Sided

At FFN, we believe that people should have options. So, we GIVE you the option to choose between a double-sided or single-sided feather flag. Or even a 3×5 Flag, any flag that we offer on our site YOU can customize! From our garden flags to our back pack flags, they each can be CUSTOMIZED! Yes, even our tubeman can be customized! 

Single-Sided Feather Flag

Now that you know that EVERYTHING can be customized, you’re probably scrolling through our main page, and found our main attraction, FEATHER FLAGS! With a single sided flag, it is different than a double-sided.

A single sided feather flag, ONLY prints on ONE side of the flag… The other side of the flag is mirrored of the front of the flag. So imagine as if you were drawing on a piece of paper with a sharpie. Only the front side of the image will be shown straight right? The back will be shown, but, it will be mirrored of the front image.


Our single sided feather flags also come ready to go in our in-stock flags section! These flags stand at 15FT tall with the kits. The flags themselves are a high 12FT tall. As I said, these flags are ready to go, which means you can not unfortunately customize these. But, we do have a WIDE variety to choose from! Check them out here!

Double-Sided Feather Flag

Now that you are all caught up with single-sided flags. Lets talk about double sided! A double-sided flag is two separate flags that are sewn together! Yes, that means that we print TWO separate flags and before we add the sleeve, we sew each flag together!

Double Sided Feather Flag

With single-sided flags the other side of the flag is not printed and is reflected from the front. But, a double-sided flag, is seen on both sides! Which means that yes, both sides of the flag can be read!

So now, that you know the difference between the two. Lets get to talking how you can save some MONEY! Our in-stock flags are as low as $14.99! With the in-stock flags, they are ready to go, which means they are already printed and packaged!

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