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Democrat and Republican 3’x5′ Flags US Election 2020

The election season is coming up! Now is a great time to start campaigning for your political party of choice! FeatherFlagNation.com is here to provide for your election season flag needs.  Join in on the political fervor of this election cycle by purchasing one of our high quality 3 feet x 5 feet flags.

Buy your high-quality 3’x5′ flag here at FeatherFlagNation.com

One flag carries the Elephant of the Republican party. The top half of the elephant is blue with white stars. The lower half of the elephant is red. The other featured flag shows the Donkey of the Democrat party. The top half of the donkey is blue with white stars. The bottom half of the donkey is red.

These flags are made out of a durable polyester material that can withstand outdoor elements. If you’re looking for political outdoor advertising, one of these flags should suit your needs! Hang a flag in front of your house with a pole kit, or pin the flag up to a wall. These flags would also be great to use during political fundraisers or rallies or meetings. Whether indoors or outdoors, these election flags from FeatherFlagNation.com  are sure to make a  statement!

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