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Custom Inflatable Tube Men – Air Powered Dancers for Sale

Inflatable Tube Man – Fun and Eye Catching Air Powered Dancers

If you are not getting that many walking costumers you are probably asking yourself..

How can i get more people to walk-in into my store?

There’s a few factors that can affect your business

Bad Costumer Service: If your business location is good, visible and accessible to costumer you should take a look at your costumer service (yourself and employees), you’ll be surprise how much a (Welcome to our store) message can make a difference, make costumers feel welcome and try to help them right away do not make them wait.

Visibility: If the lack of visibility is the problem you have to make sure your costumers can see your business from far away, that’s when our amazing air powered dancers and feather flags can really make a difference and help you get more costumers to walk in into your store and increase your sales.


Fun and Eye catching! those are the 2 words how we can describe our inflatable tube men.   These inflatable dancers are colorful and fun with  lots of awesome dancing moves to get more walk-in clients to your new or existing business, they also can be used for events and special occasions.

Wait! How can a tube man help my business?

Our 18ft tall inflatable tube men can be seen from around half of mile, that means that people can see your message or your business name from far away, that gives them more time to see and think if they anything from your store or business and if they decide to visit your store they have plenty of time to look for the next exit find parking and visit your business.

You are probably wondering..

How much do once of these awesome inflatables cost?

At feather flag nation we make your life easy, our prices are very reasonable that anyone can afford. Literally! Contact us and INCREASE YOUR SALES NOW.

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