How to Choose Your Advertising Banners

Advertising Banners

When it comes to promoting and advertising your company, one of the best opportunities to do so are floor and outdoor events. Whatever you decide to do for advertising, your goal for that event remains the same. You must make your company brand unforgettable. There are many ways you can do this, from branded apparel to branded merchandise. Yet another effective way is using  flag banners for  advertising  your company. There are different types of banners that you can use to make your advertising efforts worthwhile.

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Feather Flags

Feather flags are the ideal size for both indoor as well as outdoor events. A big advantage to choosing these types of flag banners is that they are printable on both sides. This increased visibility allows for your brand to be noticed in whether people walk in front or behind them. Feather flags are also very inexpensive. These flags have a frame that is threaded inside of the banner material to ensure that your promotional information can be seen no matter what the weather conditions are.

Feather flags come in various sizes. Larger sized feather flags are great for when you want to do more than promote your company. You can also add contact information on them, which is useful for companies seeking large scale customers and clients. However, larger sized flags are more difficult to transport to their location. So it might be best to stick with smaller feather flags unless you have a budget large enough to handle the transit expenses.


Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags are especially designed for outdoor use. They are very easy to set up, require no tools, and are very space efficient.

Teardrop flags are named for their tear-shaped banners that can be printed on both sides like feather flags. Unlike other flags banners, teardrop flags have a flexible piece of metal or hard plastic that creates the stem. This stem inserts into the flag material itself to create the flag’s shape and hold the material shape in place.

These flag banners are smaller than feather flags, which means information you can place on them is limited. Unless you are planning on simply promoting company brands and slogans, teardrop flags are more useful for promotion to passersby rather than a direct advertisement to customers and clients. However, if you use a printed teardrop banner, you might be able to add additional information to them. They are more effective in drawing people’s attention when you use large lettering, company logos, and minimally worded advertisements.



Outdoor flag banners are one of the most popular ways to attract customers and promote your business. Just like choosing the right type of banner will ensure success, you also need to consider how you will personalize your flags.

While random and generic advertisements might satisfy your advertisement requirements, it is preferable to add your own custom flair to your banners. Customized banners are more effective in making your company’s brand unique as well as memorable. They can also inform customers and clients of your business purpose and company culture. Proper colors will make them colorful and appealing to people who walk by them and make them more memorable.

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