Cheap Custom Air Powered Dancers

Custom Inflatable Tube Men

Increase sales and walk-in customers to your shop or business with custom inflatable tube men from Feather Flag Nation! Now is the time to get cheap custom tube dancers with our special pricing. Pre-order yours today for $299.99  — a whopping $50 less than the standard retail price of $350. This pricing is only available for pre-orders, so get your custom air powered dancer now before time runs out.

At such a low price why not get 2 dancers? Save BIG on another replacement dancing tube. Purchase an extra dancer for only $199.98! The standard price for an extra body at the time of purchase is $200, so you know you’re getting a great deal! This is available for a pre-order limited time only!  Advertise furniture, pizza, mattresses, insurance, cars with these inflatable dancers!

Design your own dancing puppet with text, colors, and images of your choice! You can download a template from the site or contact us to work with our team of designers to create the best flag for you and your business! There is no extra design fee. Standard air-powered dancers are one-sided. For an additional $49.99 you can get a 2 sided dancer! You can use the same or have 2 different designs! Wow!

Furniture sale custom air dancer feather flag nation

Tube dancers are fun and vibrant advertising that is guaranteed to attract attention to your shop business. Place a logo on your custom dancer and add text to body and arms for a great way to market your business and brand. See the increase of buyers to your store with these tall air dancers! Special pricing now gives you a chance to get cheap custom air-powered dancers. This is a high-quality product offered at a clearance price.

Feather Flag Nation prints our products in house at our warehouse in California. This allows us to give customers great deals and service. We stand by our products. Get the best advertising products from feather flags to vinyl banners and now air powered tube dancers!

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