Best Font to Use for Custom Feather Flags

Best Font to Use for Custom Feather Flags

Choosing a Font for Custom Feather Flags

What is the best font to use for custom feather flags?

There are thousands upon thousands of fonts to choose from when designing your swooper flag. But not all fonts are equal! If your company already has a specific font as part of a logo, then that font is part of your branding and image. You generally shouldn’t change that.

Feather Flag Nation is here to solve your indoor or outdoor advertising needs with high-quality products. There’s no better way to distinguish yourself from the competition than by customizing your own feather banner flag! We’ve highlighted a few tips already on this blog about designing your flags, such as vector files and colors. Today’s blog is about choosing the right font.

But what about a font for advertising an event like a sale or a product? In these cases,  it’s best to choose large, bold fonts that are easy to read and see. While serif fonts like Times New Roman or Garamond are highly readable (you see these fonts in texts quite often), they aren’t necessarily a good option for feather flags. Take a look at our stock flags for the kind of fonts you should choose too.

Here’s a recommended list of the best fonts to use for custom feather flags

  1. Impact
  2. Futura extra bold
  3. Futuristic extra bold
  4. Helvetica Black
  5. Aachen Bold
  6. Akzidenz Bold
  7. Bebas
  8. Chuckfive
  9. FloridaProject
  10. Gobold

There you have it! Those are the fonts we recommend to use when you design your custom feather flags, these fonts are very bold and work just fine with swooper flags try to avoid using skinny fonts, feel free to email us if you need help designing your flag.

Just don’t choose Comic Sans or Wingdings!


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