Inflatable Tube Men & Retractable Banners for Food Trucks

How Retractable  Banners and Air Powered Dancers can help your Food Truck

Being in the food truck industry can be a lot of work, especially when creating a remarkable menu for your potential customers! However, one thing that a few food truck owners forget to focus on is advertising or promoting their food truck.

When your food truck is parked on a busy city street, how can you bring in the big crowd you have always dreamed of?

There is always a simple and affordable solution! At we can make your food truck neat and attractive custom flags or signs. It’s easy, all you need to do is give us a few details about your food truck.

For example, what’s your color scheme? What type of food truck do you run? Or simply by proving us a few pictures of the outside of your food truck will do the job. From there, we can work some magic and create custom feather flags, air-powered dancers, or retractable banners that can match your food truck layout and design.


As far as getting a custom item, here are a few options food truck owners may be interested in. Roll-up banner stands are great since food trucks are constantly moving to different locations.

Retractable banners roll up into the stand and they are very easy to put away as well. What’s great about the retractable banners is, how they are very easy to maintain and they require little to no upkeep.


Aside from retractable banners, our advertising dancers can also be a great addition to your food truck. An inflatable tube man constantly flutters and dances which brings a lot of attention from those driving or walking by. What’s so awesome about them is that they can advertise or point out on where you are located since the sky dancer can be seen from far away. These air puppets stand 20ft tall with the air blower. Power is required to get these fly guys to start up, so be sure to take an extension cable with you.

What’s great about our custom dancing tube men is that they can be customized with full-color graphics, which means you can use live images of your food! Other places will not allow you to do this because they sew their graphics onto the dancer. We print directly to the body of the puppet, making your graphics permanent.

Our text won’t start flying off after your puppet begins wearing down. View the image below for more key features of our custom tube men.

Custom Air Dancer Tube Man
Custom Air Dancer Tube Man


If you are not interested in custom air dancers or roll-up banners, we also have many cheap feather flags and air dancers that come with a variety of slogans and colors. Some examples include our burritos banner flag, sushi feather flag, tacos feather flag, or our top-selling burgers banner flag.

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