Inflatable Tube Man – Air Powered Dancers for Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless

Increase sales to your Cricket Wireless business or shop with advertising air-powered dancers for Cricket Wireless! These fun dancing tube dancers from Feather Flag Nation are a fantastic way to appeal to potential customers walking or driving by. Their wacky movements and colorful bodies will easily captivate people to check out your store!


Buy a Cricket Wireless Tube Man Here!

This Puppet includes:

1 – 18ft Air Inflatable tube man with custom Cricket Wireless logo (as shown in the main image).

Choose between two color styles to advertise: black or green. The most popular color tube dancers for Cricket Wireless is the green version. This matches the color in the logo and most Cricket advertising. The current price for the 18ft Cricket Wireless dancer is $74.99. Both the back and front of the tube will be printed with a happy face and the Cricket logo printed along the tube body. A terrific deal! This price is heavily discounted from its original $149.99.


All stock inflatable tube man dancers from Feather Flag Nation are about 18ft tall and have a body diameter of 18 inches. These are tall dancers perfect for letting people know about the business whether near or far!  Buy your tube man for Cricket Wireless today from Feather Flag Nation!

These air-powered dancers will require an air blower. You are free to use your own iameter motor, but it is highly recommended to purchase our special Feather Flag Nation air blower motor with Velcro attachment. The air blower is an additional $149.99 but can be used with other dancer designs in the future. Reuse your air blowers!

If you want people to know about great buys and deals on cell phones and services, be sure to pick up air dancers for Cricket Wireless today.  Inflatable tube men are the newest addition to Feather Flag Nations innovative collection of marketing products and they are a great addition to any marketing tool kit of any business owner. Buy your Dancers for Cricket Wireless today!


Do not use in rain. Keep away from water or loose debris.
Same graphics on the front and back of the dancer (no extra charge)
Blower is not included (Add-on option available from drop-down menu). Not intended to be used in rain. Keep away loose debris, it can damage the fan with the air intake.

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