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Inflatable Tube Man Air Powered Dancer – What is it and how can your business use it.

Inflatable Tube Man – Air Powered Dancer for Outdoors

What is it? A dancing tube man is any type of inflatable that is kept up with a motor that blows air through it.  There are many variations of air-powered dancers small, tall, one leg, two legs, 5 legs, and etc.   An inflatable can be made in various shapes and sizes.   Our inflatable tube man is 18ft tall, and it’ll come arms, hair, and a face.   It will have a total height of 20ft when attached to the air blower.   Since we specialize in signage for businesses, we keep our sky dancers simple yet effective for outdoor use at all shopping centers.   These inflatable tube men are typically used at sidewalks, entryways, parking lots, and other outdoor locations, so our puppet size is optimized for these types of locations.

Air Dancer - Full color high quality sky dancers
Air Dancer – Full-color high-quality sky dancers

Why you should purchase your tube man from us. At Feather Flag Nation, we specialize in signs for businesses, therefore our dancer is made to help you advertise your brand and sales.   Our custom dancers allow any business to customize the full body of the puppet.   You can choose the colors of the hair, arms, and body.   Since our print process allows full-color prints, you can also use live images of your products, full-color logos, and anything else you like.   Unlike our competitors, we do not restrict you to the usage of colors, texts, or anything else.   Same low price, regardless of your artwork.  All of our custom air-powered dancers are made in the USA, which means quick 1 to 3 business days turn-around times.  Shop with us and support the American economy.

Air Dancer American Flag USA
American Flag USA Inflatable Tube Man

How can I use a tube man for my business? If you are opening a new business, having a customized air powered dancer (and feather flags) is a must.   Our generic Grand Opening tube dancers are low cost and can easily help your business get noticed.   An Inflatable tube man is known to create instant impressions which simply means eyes will look your way and as a result, you will get more traffic to your door.

If you are launching a new product and looking to get exposure, then our sky dancers are perfect. Pair one with a custom feather flag to create the perfect package.  Purchase a custom dancer with your logo, an image of your new product, and some catchy slogan or price.   Simply drag a power extension cord to a busy sidewalk location and power on now watch as people drive by your business and look at the air dancer dancing around and waving its arms and hair.   Once they look, they will also see your new product, which will lead to more sales due to more exposure.

Air Dancer with arrow - Oil ChangeDancing tube  with an arrow – Oil Change

Is an inflatable tube man a good investment? We would say definitely.   Let’s do some basic math to see.   Our custom dancers cost $249.99.   Shipping on average is $40, varying on your location.   So, in total, you are looking to spend about $300.00.  The average life span of an air dancer is 9 to 12 months (with proper care).   That is about $0.83 per day.   Only 83 cents, which should be paid back by just 1 new customer that the air dancer will bring in.   Generally, you’ll be getting more than 1 new customer per day so depending on your profit margin, you can make your money invested back within hours, or a few days/weeks.

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