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Custom 5ft Feather Flags

5ft Feather Flags Sale!

Feather Flag Nation is proud to announce that were offering custom 5ft feather flags for our customers. Since I can remember our customers have asked our sales team to provide a smaller offer for our feathers. After much demand and/or consideration our management team has added our smallest feather banners at 5ft.

At 5ft this is the smallest flutter flag that we offer. The small compact size allows this flag to be placed in various locations that are size dependent. Some places cant have very large feather flags, therefore, this flag will fit your needs perfectly.


Hardware & Simple 1,2,3 Install

The hardware for our 5ft feather flag will be closely related to our larger flutter kits. Each kit contains the flag, poles and ground spike. Our poles can either be Fiber Glass or Aluminum; each kit will contain a metal ground spike which weighs 4 pounds in total. We also offer a cross base for outdoor use, our cross bases weigh 10lbs in total.

Feather flags are very easy to install and implement for your business. You can twist the ground spike into the ground if its grass and/or soft dirt. For hard soil, you can use a hammer and/or hard object to drill the ground spike into the dirt. The cross stand simply opens and ready for use. The poles telescope from thickest to thinnest; its as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Custom Design

Here at Feather Flag Nation, we specialize in custom flutter flags. Our flags can be customized to fit any needs that you have for your design. For our low price, youre not limited to logos, text, color or high-resolution photos. The 5ft custom feather flag is a great fit for many different events included but not limited to store openings, parties, businesses, holidays and churches. During national holidays we tend to sell out of feather flags, therefore, its always good to get your flags early for Christmas, 4th of July, Easter and Mothers Day.


Installation is very straightforward but if you need assistance to give us a call at (877) 900-5692. If you need a custom design for your 5ft feather flags  click  HERE  to submit a design request. On our design request page be sure to include all the relevant information along with any color considerations, logos, fonts etc, that you want to include on your banner.


Feather flags are a great way to provide directions and give orders. Visit our website at  to get your project started today.


Free Design Request

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