2 Legged Air Inflatable Dancer for Advertising

Why, Hello there. If you are reading this you’re probably thinking of purchasing one of these bad boys. Well, I don’t blame you, you want something BIGGER and BETTER for your business. Our sky puppets are MADE in the USA, which means there is no outsourcing here! You get the highest quality production, extended support, and QUICK turn around TIME. I mean those are the words to hear when you are trying to purchase a waving man in general!

Why SHOULD you BUY one!

Well, the answer is SIMPLE, this bad boy INCREASES your business SALES within just a FEW months! Every CLIENT we had ONLY gave us POSITIVE feedback on these air puppets. If you place these puppets, IN a BUSY location you WILL INCREASE YOUR SALES! If this custom 2 legged monster is designer properly, made right and placed in a GREAT location it will pay for itself WITHIN DAYS! I mean which business owner doesn’t want that!

You CAN Customize HOWEVER you want!

At FFN, we do NOT charge extra for ANY designs! The price you see is the price you get! We do NOT charge for any set up fees, do NOT have any color restrictions, and we WILL LAYOUT everything for you! You GET a PROOF BEFORE you purchase! 

While putting in your design request, you can ask for any design! Even just your logo! You can choose any color and design at NOT COST TO YOU! 

Made Out of Polyester!

Our dancers are made out of 100% Polyester which means they WONT pop!  Almost all other fly guys are mad out of NYLON and you DON’T want that! Nylon means that it WILL POP and it will pop by just touching the dancing tubes! Another MARKETING plus is that you get UNLIMITED GRAPHICS! Since we do print on POLYESTER you have a VARIETY choices to CHOOSE FROM! You can even just place your logo on the guy!

Lifetime of FREE REPAIRS

Yes I said it, all these bad boys come with LIFETIME of free repairs! If your inflatable tube dancer is unfortunately ripped or damaged go ahead and send us a picture and we can go ahead and help you! If the air dancer is repairable, all you have to do is send us back the bad boy with a return label! And we will repair AND ship within 2 to 4 business days! Now that’s great CUSTOMER SERVICE! Am I right??

Some USEFUL Tips

  1. Please do NOT use these inflatable air dancers near a location with A LOT of pebbles and gravel! Using these bad boys at this location cause air flow uplifting the pebbles into the blower, resulting in your blower being DAMAGED!

  2. If it is RAINING we do suggest on bringing the air puppets inside as to RAIN WILL DAMAGE your beautiful FLY GUY!

  3. If your dancing tubes get dirty, you CAN place them in the washer to wash. Just please do NOT place them in the dryer as to they will be DAMAGED! We suggest to hang dry if you do decide to wash your sky puppet.

  4. If you are in a high windy area where you receive gusts or storms we do suggest taking them inside… The higher windy conditions do tend to break the waving man as well.

  5. When deciding to place these bad boys a area near a shopping complex, on a sidewalk, or a patio is the BEST location as to your NEXT customer may be walking by!

Bring this Bad Boy to the FAIR!

So now that know all the incredible facts about this guy you want to take him to a trade show or a fair? Well we got your back! With our easy assembly makes this bad boy your perfect go to! YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE! Whats a better deal than that?! Now go grab that amazing deal and get yourself those sales!

What’s Stopping you from INCREASING SALES and BUYING ONE TODAY?!

So you now KNOW all the useful facts about a 2 Legged Inflatable Air Dancer, whats stopping you from increasing your sales and receiving that higher revenue? I say you NEED to click on one of these links TODAY and go increase your SALES!!!

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