Car Wheel Bases for Feather Flags

Car Wheel Bases for Feather Flags

What is a Car Wheel Base?

Here at Feather Flag Nation we have our Car Wheel Bases are bases that you can put against the tire of your vehicle. These are great for auto dealerships, festivals, outdoor sporting events, and more. We have 3 different options for our car wheel bases: our regular car wheel base, an SUV wheel base, and a fold-able wheel base.

These bases are easy to use and easy to travel with. They can fit our feather flags, rectangle flags, and teardrop flags

Different Car Wheel Bases

How do I use it?

Our car wheel bases are super easy to use! The base slides directly against the wheel with the wheel in the middle. This secures the base and you can insert your poles directly into it. This base works with all of our flag sizes, so you can use it no matter what size you have! 

If you travel with your flags, our fold-able wheel base is perfect for you. This base works the same as the regular base, but you can take the top pole piece out, collapse the legs in, and easily store it in your car!

What can I use it for?

These wheel bases can be used with almost any tire. Some great uses for it are food festivals and sporting events.

If you’re at a busy festival with tons of food trucks, a truck with a feather flag will grab your attention quicker than a truck without one, right? Being able to stand out in a crowd is essential these days and if you travel for your business, especially if your business revolves around your vehicle, a car wheel base could be exactly what you need. 

Another great use is sporting events! If you like to tailgate before your favorite game, you can show your pride by having a flag next to your car. Tailgating and pre-gaming is a big part of sports, especially college football. What better way to cheer your team on then a custom flag that can sit next to your car while you party?

This only scratches the surface of the different uses for our car wheel bases!

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